A Free Before & After Transition for FCPX


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by Stanley Productions

Show off your color grading skills with this amazing plug-in.
Add the Before & After transition to any freeze frame or clip, adjust your grading and enjoy the result.


A Free Premiere Transitions Pack by BjK Productions


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by BjK Productions

BjK Productions offers up another free Transitions Pack free for your use!  Download here. 



Free Altered Carbon FCPX Plugin


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by Stanley Productions

After watching Netflix’s series “Altered Carbon”, Stanley Productions was inspired to make a mirrored edges effectfrom the show. Best of all, it’s free!



A Simple Editing Hack Will Fix Your Flicker Quick


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by V. Renee, nofilmschool

Image result for flicker gif

You know when your video footage has that really nasty flickering in it? Yeah, that’s just the worst thing ever. “Where’s the hot shot that turned a strobe light on during the shoot,” you wonder, but hey, I promise it wasn’t the hot shots’ fault. It’s banding, or flickering, which happens when the frequency of a light source doesn’t match up nicely with the frame rate of your camera. If you’re like, “Yeah, cool information…wish I knew that before I shot all my footage,” don’t throw your work out just yet. Filmmaker Peter McKinnonhas a ridiculously quick and easy hack that may fix your flicker problem completely.

Check out his tutorial below…

Get it right, read the rest here…





Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGrid


The popular camera-sharing community ShareGrid is expanding into all fifty states. Here’s how you can make their equipment rental model work for you.

1. Maximize Your Income

Four Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGrid — Maximize Income

In the last few years, ShareGrid has paid millions of dollars in rental revenue to individual equipment owners, while also saving customers 30-50 percent on gear, compared to traditional rental houses.

The company started small, building its platform one city at a time to maintain the integrity of the ShareGrid experience. And it proved to be worthwhile: In just seven cities, 50,000 members have listed over 500 million dollars of equipment, with built-in fraud prevention and the option to purchase insurance with a single click at checkout.

Now, as ShareGrid goes national, equipment owners across the country can self-design the part-time, full-time, or sometimes jobs of their dreams.

2. Let Your Investments Work for You (more)

3. Reclaim Your Time (more)

4. Come For The Cash, Stay For The Community (more)

  •          ShareGrid Perks
  •          People Perks


Stay Organized with This Free Premiere Pro Timeline Template


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by V Renée, nofilmschool

When the number of your project’s video and audio tracks reaches the several dozens, staying organized is an absolute necessity.

As it typically goes, the bigger the film project, the bigger the editing timeline. If you’ve edited shorts or YouTube videos, chances are you only use a handful of video and audio tracks to keep your assets organized—I mean, if you’re the only one working in post and will be the one delivering the final product straight to the web, you probably don’t need much more than that.

This thing is free, gang! So head on over to Vashi Nedomansky‘s blog and download it now and Read More!



5 Free Glitch Presets by Motion Array


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by Motion Array

Hey!  Here’s 5 free glitch presets by Motion Array for all your Premiere Pro edits. These things will really add some amazing visual interest to your shots. Simply drop the presets on a photo, video, or text element within the edit to add digital noise to your sequences. They are awesome for transitioning from shot to shot, title, or just to shake things up a little. Enjoy!


Download here





The (Free) Essentials of Final Cut Pro X


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by VideoMaker

In this free course, we explore the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro X. We take you from asset to delivery. When complete you’ll be able to navigate in the Final Cut Pro X environment, work in the timeline, use tools, work with effects, apply effects, set render controls, use compressor and publish directly from Final Cut Pro X. The essentials of Final Cut Pro X…

This course does not require a Videomaker Plus membership to view.

Course Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. The Editing Environment 
  3. Importing Assets
  4. File Management & Organization


  1. Working in the Timeline
  2. Editing Tools
  3. Applying Effects
  4. Transitions
  5. Titles and Graphics
  6. Audio


  1. Rendering 
  2. Sending to Compressor
  3. Publishing 

Free downloads and resources from FilterGrade


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Free downloads and resources from FilterGrade! Here you’ll find all of their free Photoshop Actions, free Lightroom Presets, free Luminar Presets, free Capture One Styles, free LUTs packs, and other useful freebies for photo/video editing, graphic design, and mixed media design.

You’ll also find exclusive partnershipsand free trials for popular creative products. Explore their top free downloads and most popular freebies here.

For example…

An exclusive freebie from The Bell Sisters! Download five free lightroom presets for editing lifestyle and portrait photography.

FREE Lightroom Presets - Joe Mania - FilterGrade

Exclusive free matte capture one styles from FilterGrade! 4 unique matte effects for Capture One Pro.