Quick DIT Organization Tips


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by Casey Faris, Ground Control

Keep Your Media Sorted During Ingest

In this quick tutorial, Casey will show you a little tip for staying organized while copying media as a Digital Imaging Technician…

Here’s another interesting and more involved article from NoFilmSchool on Digital Imaging Technicians.

Tips To Making A Microbudget Feature Film


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by Micro Budget Film Lab

…Building A Community Of MicroBudget Filmmakers To Bring New Voices Into Film.

Micro Budget Film Lab is a hub of resources and information for aspiring MicroBudget Filmmakers. If you are passionate about getting your film made, take a look around and check out their materials!

The Lab is run by a small team of filmmakers who are passionate about producing microbudget films. Our mission is to provide the film community with a secure, convenient, and professional place to access everything they need to make the movies that they dream about.

Micro Budget Film Lab has a FREE EBOOK ON TIPS TO MAKING YOUR NO-BUDGET FEATURE… Tips on everything from how to write a shootable script, how to pay almost nothing for gear and how to get professional cast & crew. Click on the image below to download…


LenoFX Comes Through Again with Another Freebie


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by LenoFX

LenoFX Comes Through Again with Another Freebie.  A Simple and beautiful lower third with a modern and flat design you can use in any kind of project.

Download Now! It’s Free.

What is Included:

  • 2 Lower Thirds
  • Tutorial


  • Very simple and easy to use in Final Cut Pro X;
  • On screen controls to easy customization
  • Change text, colors, size, font;
  • Resolution 720, 1080, 4K;
  • No plugins required.


  • Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2 or later
  • Disk space: 1 MB

Adobe Photoshop’s 60 Second “Make It Now” Series


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by Adobe Creative Cloud

Image result for Adobe Make It NowGot a spare minute? Pick one of these videos and learn a new Photoshop technique. Adobe Creative Cloud has the beginnings of a simple site with video’s all under a minute in length geared towards teaching you specific subjects in a short yet efficient manner.  Check back often for what hopes to be more and more teaching aids and quick tips to save you time and money.

How to Make a Double Exposure in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Create a Composite in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Make a Poster from a Template in Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop CC How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud…

Ask Deyson Anything About Apple’s Motion


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By Deyson Ortiz

Ask Deyson anything about Apple’s Motion Software (Apple’s companion app to Final Cut Pro)

About this free Q&A event

Apple’s Motion software has been around since 2004, but recently it has gathered more popularity for its ease of use, speed, low cost and its tight integration with Final Cut Pro.

I have used  Apple’s Motion Software for over 10 years and I am here to share my experience, tips, advice, and secrets on how to become an expert with this powerful animation tool.

Who is this event for

If you want to learn about Final Cut Pro’s Motion Design companion tool that is elegant, simple, powerful and is also inexpensive to use.

About Deyson

I am the owner and creator of Motion Master Templates, an online store for animation templates specifically designed for Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Motion software.  I have also been a video editor for over 20+ years and I still love it.

In addition to video editing, I have also been a certified trainer, demo artist, and a creative consultant.  I have also worked remotely for the last 5 years.

Have questions about Apple’s Motion Software? Join me live and ask me anything about Motion. I look forward to seeing you! 🙂

View Deyson’s work at: Deyson.com

– Download Free Final Cut Pro & Motion Templates at: http://www.motionmastertemplates.com/

Recording A Phone Interview


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by Dick Reizner, digitalVideo Magazine


Phone Pickup

During an interview assignment some time ago, the producer decided to have the video subject make a telephone call to one of his clients and asked if both ends of the conversation could be captured. No specialized phone recording equipment was handy, so the problem was solved by thinking “inside the box.” Crew members taped a microphone to the speaker of another phone on the same line, then emptied one of the small equipment cases and placed the second phone inside. The lid was gently closed so as not to cut the wires. The case’s egg-crate foam surrounded the microphone and insulated it from room noise. A lavaliere microphone on the interview subject picked up the local end of the conversation.

Dick Reizner‘s Tips to Clip via digitalVideo Magazine has been around for 35 years.

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Free: Animation Composer 2 for After Effects


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from Mister Horse, (Michele Yamazaki)

“Get 3 hours of work done in 3 minutes.” with Animation Composer 2 for After Effects from Mister Horse!

I’ve just downloaded Animation Composer 2 and can’t wait to try it out. There are transitions presets, effects, royalty free content in pre-comps to help with your workflow in After Effects. Animation Composer 2 requires After Effects CS5 and higher.

Download Animation Composer for free:

Pixar Releases A Free Texture Library


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by Pixar

Pixar is offering a free, yes FREE, texture library that includes 130 repeating textures originally created for classic Pixar films.

Pixar One thirty includes:
  • 18 Clouds
  • 12 Coverings
  • 8 Marble
  • 3 Flowers
  • 8 Frames
  • 11 Arbitrary
  • 11 Millmetals
  • 13 Papers
  • 4 Tiles
  • 5 Waters
  • And more … Macbeth charts, Color Bars, glitter, etc.

The texture library has been updated since it’s original creation in 1993, and now includes 16-bit bump and normal maps.

You can learn more about this library and find the download link at Pixar’s Website.

pixar textures

Shift Your Editing into Overdrive with These 5 Awesome Premiere Pro Tips


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By Caleb Ward, Premiumbeat

 5 Faster Editing Tips for Premiere Pro

Sometimes, even the slightest change in your workflow can save you dozens of hours on a project in Premiere Pro. Even if you’ve been using Premiere Pro for a while, you can surprise yourself by learning something new. Personally, I didn’t know about allocating memory until two years after I started editing in Premiere.

The following video from Cinecom.net takes a closer look at five distinct ways to increase your editing speed in Premiere Pro. If you’d rather read than watch, you can follow along with the tips below…

Read More 5 Faster Editing Tips for Premiere Pro.  Oh yeah, want to download some free video clips so you can try out these techniques? Simply click the link for a custom collection of footage.