Remove These 7 Meaningless Resume Words…


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Your resume is prime job search real estate. Remove these seven meaningless words from your resume and focus instead on your accomplishments.

Creating a resume is hard work. Updating one is challenging. And tailoring your resume is annoying. But this single document is instrumental in opening or locking doors. Words are powerful or weak, depending on how you use them. Your resume is often the first professional view of you. Don’t waste your words. It may hurt your head to try to rephrase the content on your resume, but do your career a favor and take the time to comb through your resume and get rid of any meaningless words.

If you’re not sure what to look for, start with these seven meaningless words or phrases. Toss them out and never use them again.


You might have assisted the project manager, but what did you actually do when you were assisting? Force your brain to spell out your actual contribution to the project. If you ensured deliverables were on time or met quality standards, then say that. Remove the word “assisted.” It does nothing for you. In fact, it could work against you. Think of what you actually did when you were “assisting” and then say that.


This phrase might seem like it’s talking about your value, but it doesn’t really convey what happened or what you accomplished. It’s like saying, “I was responsible for overseeing the team.” The project could have been a failure, but you were responsible for overseeing it. This statement doesn’t convey anything that would make someone want to jump up and call you in for an interview. Instead, talk about how you motivated the project team or what you accomplished – get specific. Your resume should not be a list of your daily task at each job, but should be a highlights reel of your biggest wins.


Even if a company says they’re looking for strong communication skills, don’t put this one on your resume. Actions speak louder than words. Make your resume and all communication with them showcase your strong communication skills. This is definitely a show me, don’t tell me moment. If you have experience providing user training or customer support, indicate that. If you presented at a conference, list that on your resume. Use your accomplishments to indicate your experience as a communicator.


These terms are fun, and they used to be quirky. Now, they can be commonplace, and in written word, arrogant. If it seems appropriate in an interview to use these terms, maybe try it. Definitely remove them from all written communication about yourself. And truthfully, they’re really best received when you’re complimenting a coworker and not when you’re promoting yourself.


The only thing worse than this term is sticking the word “highly” before it. Highlight a time when you went above and beyond what was asked of you, but don’t call yourself motivated.


Unless you’re an intern or fresh out of college, this term is unnecessary. You’re an adult. You should be a self-starter. If you have to say it, you put doubt in others’ minds about whether you can motivate yourself to run with requirements or figure out what to do with your day without constant prodding from a supervisor.


Rather than calling yourself goal or results oriented, just show how you focused on results or met or exceeded goals. Your resume will either show you as goal and results oriented or it won’t. This is a meaningless term that doesn’t do you any favors. Technically, people can be goal or results oriented but be awful at actually achieving anything.

Whether hiring is on the rise or decline, the competition is fierce. Don’t waste your resume. Use words that actually say something about you and your performance, achievements, and accomplishments.





Combine the Two Best Takes of a Scene into One


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by Adobe

Combine two takes of a scene in Adobe Premiere Pro CC into one to get the best performance from your actors. Explore how this split-screen compositing effect — sometimes called the “Fincher effect” after film director David Fincher — can help you make the most of your actors’ performances and reactions.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a different or easier way to do this age-old split screen effect in Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Final Cut Pro.


CoreMelt makes over 50 free plugins and motion templates available for FCPX


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by Coremelt

CoreMelt makes over 50 free plugins and motion templates available for FCP X. These are…

“Apply Basic LUT” and “Apply Camera LUT” allow you to load CUBE LUT files or apply log to video conversions.

CoreMelt is now making the power of mocha tracking in FCP X available completely free. You just need to request a license through our automated form and you will receive a permanent license which lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. Although this is just a small amount of the power of our full SliceX product, it still allows you to perform a lot of common useful tasks.

CoreMelt Motion Templates for FCP X

A set of 10 free Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X users.  Eight stylish transitions and two free “Glass Effect” titles.  Completely free with no watermarks or limitations, these plugins do not require a registration, just download on the App Store. 

CoreMelt FREE! selection of V2 Plugins

The CoreMeltFREE! installer offers 10 Free Transitions in the Category “V2 Free Templates” for FCP X users and 19 plugins from our V2 Plugin Set including the Source Timecode plugin. Again these plugins do not require a registration, just download the installer from our website.


This Trick Will Keep Your Mic Hidden


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by Sean Berry

Griffin Hammond shares his hidden microphone trick—how to place a mic blatantly in a locked-down shot, and use masking to hide it in Final Cut Pro X.

Positioning microphones so that they aren’t in your shots while making sure they can capture quality audio can become highly frustrating. And it’s even more frustrating when you don’t notice that a microphone got into a shot until post-production. At this point, you must be thinking that the footage is ruined, but Griffin Hammond has a trick that he uses to hide microphones in shots without having to reshoot anything.


Premiere Pro – Best Practices – Image Scaling


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by Dario Bigi, CSI, Freelance Editor / Colorist

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By caninfotech

If you happen to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and publish videos, then you might have noticed that a large amount of disk space is consumed by it. Granted that it edits videos and videos are large in size and when you have such large files in your computer, you are bound to use a lot of storage. But there is more to this. Adobe Premiere also stores those videos in its Media Cache Database for quick access. And when you have media files in your cache, know that they consume a large percentage of your hard drive.Premiere doesn’t seem

Premiere doesn’t seem to clean up those files just to free up your valuable drives. Yes, when you have a project, those cache files makes sense but they seem to stay even after a project is deleted. Right now, in my computer, I can see that around 50 GB (49.9 GB) of storage is used up by the Media Cache Database. It seems to be the limit and this limit is eating up 10% of my hard drive. You have to clear this cache manually to free up disk space.

So, this post is dedicated to help you and even help me remember how to clear Media Cache Database stored by Adobe Premier to free up consumed disk space that’s as high as 50 GB. I use Windows 10 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Here are the steps:

  • From the menu, click on Edit.
  • Choose Preferences > Media.
  • Under Media Cache Database, click on Clean.
  • Hit Ok to close the Preferences dialog.

Premier Pro Screenshot

It takes a few moments for the process to complete and a progress bar will notify you.

Progress of Clean Media Database

After completion, a significant amount of disk space is cleared.

On the preferences screen, you also must have noticed that the directory which is used by Adobe Premiere for storing its media cache files. In my case, it is: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Common. It might be different depending upon your operating system.

When I browse to the folder, I see four more sub-folders—AME, Media Cache, Media Cache Files and PTX. If you have not guessed it already, the largest files are stored in the Media Cache Files sub-folder. I can right click on it to see its properties.

And oh my god, it is 49.9 GB.

Properties of Adobe Premier Media Cache Files

After cleaning up the cache by following the steps above, the folder is just 15.5 GB. It didn’t clear everything but I did get back 34.4 GBs which were consumed by useless files. The 15.5 GB of files must be those which are of projects that are still active. We can go ahead and delete those files manually from the C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Common\Media Cache Files folder if you need even more additional disk space. It’s totally safe as I feel that Premiere will create those files again, as they are needed.

But all in all, just remember to Clean the Media Cache Database regularly.

FREE Adobe After Effects Transitions Pack + How To Use


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by BjK Productions

BjK Productions Presents Adobe After Effects Transitions Pack

Download here



Free Ink Matte Pack+


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by VINHSON NGUYEN, the CreativeDojo

Introducing the newest freebie, Ink Matte Pack, from the CreativeDojo! This one is certainly a great one in my opinion because it contains a variation of elements which can be applied and used in many applications and projects. Let’s take a look!

What’s In the Pack

  • 20 Ink Mattes (.MOV)
  • All 8 seconds long
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 60fps
  • PhotoJPEG compression

The pack contains a handful of ink matte reveals in .MOV format, with a large resolution for you to be able to scale up or down in your projects, a high frame rate so you can slow the mattes down, and at 8 seconds long which should be long enough for your logos, titles, or any other displaying elements. There are small ink mattes, large ink mattes, reversal mattes that bleed in and out, and many other variations. Best of all, since these are video mattes, they’ll work with any application that supports layer mattes (luma mattes in this case) such as After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, and much more!

See download, instructions and more via the CreativeDojo here.

Take a look at how to create an organic ink/watercolor reveal transition using the Free Ink Mattes Pack by the CreativeDojo:


Over 120 Free Cool Sound Effects!


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Download over 120 free sound effects, and use them in any commercial or personal projects! Explore these collections and get your free SFX packs now.

Do you need some free sound effects for a video you’re working on or an app you’re developing? We’ve rounded up all of our best free packs for you to download now — no matter what you’re working on.

What’s the catch? Nothing. No catch. You are free to use all of these sound effects in any commercial or personal project. You only agree not to resell or redistribute these free sound effects. That’s it!

Find the right free sound effects pack you need below, then simply click the button to visit the proper page to download each free SFX pack.

20 Free Movie Trailer Sound Effects…

(Download and Read Even More…)

Create Epic Ink Drops in After Effects + Free Ink Drops


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One of the major benefits of creating web-based, commercial, and corporate content is learning how each operates in its own way. Whoever you’re working for, someone will ask you to follow specific guidelines or adhere to a formulaic structure. But, you can’t put a price on knowing the ins and outs of your craft. Here are a few ways you can play with the elements on your next project while creating new and exciting imagery.

As you can see in the example above, another practical-yet-wildly-creative way to apply the Sumi video pack to your workload involves highlight reels and demo videos. Whether it’s for athletes, artists, or branding, at some point (if you’re working in the corporate world) you’ll need to create some type of demo reel that shows how this brand stands out.  So, here’s how to apply the pack of transitionary effects to your clips using After Effects…

Working with Ink Drops