Howard Pinsky’s Adobe Photoshop Tutorials


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by Howard Pinsky

Check out Howard Pinsky‘s Adobe Photoshop Tutorials on Google+ and his youtube channel here.

For example:

Looking to extract yourself from a background? +Adobe Photoshop‘s NEW Select and Mask feature will definitely help!

Watch on +YouTube:

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Free Friday: Say Hello to Helios


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by Thibault Houdon

Helios is a Maya utility that will speed up your workflow by allowing you to execute hundreds of commands just by typing them. For FREE!


Execute everything you want

Helios comes with hundreds of pre-built commands and it supports both Mel and Python. Not only can you create objects, you will also be able to open windows such as the UV Editor or the Outliner or enter any Maya tool (Multi Cut Tool, Create Polygonal Tool…).

Custom commands included

Helios comes with some commands which were built specifically to save you time. These commands are not available by default in Maya and are small python scripts that will help you work faster.

Some of the custom commands included are:

  • Fill Selection.
  • Move Pivot to Selected Vertices.
  • Create Joints from Nulls.
  • Snap Object to Center of the World.


Make Helios work the way you want

You can make Helios yours and custom it to your needs. All the commands are listed in an python dictionary that you can easily edit to change the name of the commands or add yours.

Click here for DOWNLOAD, download instructions and more information.


How to Write A Winning Thank-You Letter


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A thank you note is an important follow-up after a face-to-face interview, even in our media industry. In addition to being a polite acknowledgement to those who interviewed you, a thank you note also gives you one more opportunity to remind them what a stellar candidate they found in you.

Whether you are sending an email or writing a card, the note should reflect upon your goal. First, you want to express your appreciation for the team taking time out of their busy schedules to meet you.

Secondly, if you are really excited about this job, then share that. Gush a bit. Enthusiasm is a soft skill, and it’s compelling in a potential hire. The bigger goal, however, is to be gracious rather than solicitous.

Before putting pen to paper (or hands to keyboard), follow these three steps…

Download a FREE 20GB Bundle via Bundlestorm


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by Bundlestorm

Grab a free account on Bundlestorm and download over 20 Gb of files!

How to activate your account

  1. Please go to
  2. Select: BundleStorm v2
  3. Fill the form and use the following coupon code: AD7A8D8D42
  4. Click Next.

Once you are inside you can download everything and use it for personal and commercial projects.


The Ask.Audio Academy Now Has FREE Live Lectures


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by Ask.Audio


 Free, Live Lectures With Academy Instructors

What do you get when you pair the World’s Largest Online Audio Skills Library with Live Lectures From Incredible Instructors? You get an amazing learning experience! And it’s FREE …

Get mentored by your favourite Ask.Audio Instructors during our Summer MasterClass Series. Each lecture features 60 minutes of instruction plus 30 minutes of Q&A. You can also ask questions along the way.

Enroll soon – space is limited. There’s still 8 lectures left in the series, including 3 this week … keep reading to see what’s on deck.

Featured Lectures:

Ableton Push 2 Power Tips

Ableton Push 2 Power Tips

Tuesday August 16th, 2016 at 12:00 pm (PT) with Thavius Beck

Ableton Push 2 Pro User Thavius Beck takes Push to the next level with this 1-Hour Master Class, followed by 30 Minutes of Question & Answer. See how a pro gets the most out of Ableton Push 2 – while you get the most out of this live lecture by asking questions along the way!


MPC Beat Design

MPC Beat Design

Wednesday August 17th, 2016 at 12:00 pm (PT) with Booker Edwards

MPC Pro User Booker Edwards takes beat design to the next level with in this 1-Hour Master Class, followed by 30 Minutes of Question & Answer. See how a pro gets the most out of his MPC – while you get the most out of this live lecture by asking questions along the way!


Creating BassLines For Dance Music

Creating BassLines For Dance Music

Thursday August 18th, 2016 at 12:00 pm (PT) with Adam Pollard

Basslines drive the dance floor! This MasterClass by veteran producer Adam Pollard (AKA Multiplier) will show you how to make phat bass that will threaten speakers while driving punters wild.

16 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video


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by CopyPress


Your client or manager has just asked you to create a video, now what? Before you start jotting down ideas and picking up the camera, make sure you’ve answered these questions. They’ll give your team a clearer picture of why you’re creating the video and everything that needs to get done to make it a success.

1. What is your ideal timeline?

You may have to break the news to your client or manager that you won’t have the video created, edited and approved in 48 hours if the usual turnaround is two weeks. If this is your first time working with a client, they could be shopping around to make a last minute video or their deadline ideas may be wildly unrealistic. If the client expects the finished product in a week and your company thinks that timeline is reasonable, that’s great, proceed to question number two.


Got a good taste?  See the rest of the list of 16 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video here.

5 Tips to Help Streamline Your Video Production


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computer typing


Being organized is one of the hardest things for creative people.  Whether it’s keeping your desk clean, your car picked up, or leaving time for coffee on the way to a shoot, the struggle is so real.

With all the stresses of video production, it’s no wonder why things sometimes get forgotten, lost, or misplaced.  Here’s a couple tips to help you organize your production life and get that next film project flowing smmooothly.

– See more 5 Tips to Help Streamline Your Video Production list here.


Dirty Freebie: Smoke Plumes, Lens Dirt and Dust Waves


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by ActionVFX

ActionVFX, a new stock effects site, is offering 20 smoke plumes, 10 dust waves and 36 real Lens Dirt overlays, all free for commercial use!

ActionVFX is “funded by the VFX Community on Kickstarter.”  They have some nice freebies that are indicative of the practical effects they have to offer.

Free Smoke Plumes

  • 20 real Smoke Plumes rising.
  • Delivered in 2K Resolution. Photo JPEG.
  • Cameras: Sony FS7

Free Lens Dirt

  • 36 real Lens Dirt overlays for your projects.
  • We dirtied up our lenses, so you don’t have to.
  • Blend them in using “Screen” or “Add”.

Download the free smoke plumes, dust waves and lens dirt clips from ActionVFX

More Free Goodness by The Creative Market


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by Creative Market

Every Monday, The Creative Market offers up free items for one week before offering a new set of goodness the following Monday.  Items include free fonts, add-ons, photos and various templates related to Keynote and powerpoint, not to mention the individual elements.  Hard to label them all, so check them out for yourself (every week!).  Click here for your weekly goodness.

This Week’s Freebies… Download these 6 free goods before it’s too late!

Carrig Refined Carrig Refined by Paulo Goode in Fonts


Wildflowers & cereals Wildflowers & cereals by Elisartemis in Graphics


Bluberry Typeface + Free updates Bluberry Typeface + Free updates by Squarepack in Fonts




Ethereal Ethereal by sylvatica in Photos


Liberty Keynote Presentation Liberty Keynote Presentation by Entersge in Templates


Free Download: 50 Unique Landscape Photos


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By WebdesignerDepot Staff

Stock images can be an expensive acquisition, so it’s always appreciated when a professional stock photographer makes their work available for free.

This awesome collection of unique, professional-grade photographs, has kindly been made available for WebdesignerDepot readers by DreamyPixel.

This 720mb bundle contains 50 images, mostly of landscapes, all in hi-res JPG format. The images range in size from 4928 x 3264 pixels, to 7360 x 4912 pixels, making them big enough even for print work. The set is divided into several categories for easy access: Landscape, Nightscape, People in Landscape, Winter, and Spring.

The images come with an extended license, meaning they can be used in personal and commercial projects, you can also use them in non-digital products that you sell, and even in digital products provided the original image can’t be extracted.

For more images like these follow Ales Kirvec’s Facebook fan page, and download these awesome free images beneath the preview:



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