FCPXFree.com: Currently Listing Over 1,000 FREE Items and Growing!


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by Roger Bolton. FCPXFree.com


At FCPX Free, they aim to be the internet’s number one site for all kinds of Free FCP X resources – motion templatespluginstutorialstransitionstitles and more. They hope you find them useful.

Currently listing 1040 free items and growing!









What an amazing achievment, FCPXFree.com now lists over 1,000 free resources for FCP X, tutorials, plugins, templates, transitions and more.  All curated and categorised to make it dead easy to find what you want.  Want to find a tutorial on roles in FCP X across all the different tutorial makers?  It’s one click, then browse for related topics using our tagging system.

So in case you missed them, we’ve also been adding articles highlighting the best free resources.  For example you can do a whole complete course on FCP X using nothing but free tutorials.  We’ve broken them down into suggested starting points for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  Take a look!

When you’re done with those you might want to take a look at our articles on the best free iOS apps for editorsDesktop applications and utilities


Or browse our entire set of “Top 10” articles. We’ll be adding new articles weekly and constantly adding new free resources as we find them or they get submitted to us.

Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions

Posted by Iain Anderson








Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions

Didn’t get enough transitions in our last top ten roundup? Here’s a bunch more you can use to punch up a boring presentation, disguise a forced edit, or create that perfect segue from scene A to scene B. There’s actually about 21   transitions in this list, which makes it particularly good value — especially as they’re all free.


The All-Important Pitch Meeting


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by Jennifer Grisanti

Before you take a pitch meeting for your series or film, you’ll want to put together your pitch papers. If you’re unfamiliar with what that looks like, Grisanti shared a template for writers to check out. 

INSPIRATION  Start your pitch off with passion. Tell them what inspired your story. If there is a link with a personal story that you have that connects to the concept and establishes that you are the perfect writer for this pitch, use it here.

WORLD  What is the world of your concept? What is the time period? Is there a wish fulfillment element? Bring it all to life here.


‘Bump-In’: A Free Title plug-in for FCPX


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by Karsten Schlüter

A useful OnScreenController sets the position where an additional word of choice will drop in and divide the text. (*Don’t forget to switch that divider off, otherwise you have a red line in your title!)

Quite a useful tool!

Download here!






Current Video Trends In Real Estate


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by GreenBuzz, Madison Edwards


Shopping for a house just isn’t the same as shopping for your next Amazon purchase. The buying process is so complex, with many factors influencing your customer’s ultimate decision. Real Estate Agents have a challenge to market their product to careful and considerate buyers who aren’t likely to be easily influenced. That means it’s all about providing your customer with the valuable information they need to make a choice- and one of the best ways to do that is with video.

In fact, real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video, according to Bold Content. They also report that 73% of homeowners would be more likely to visit with a realtor who uses video to market their home. Those two astonishing facts make it clear that videos are valuable to your potential home buyer.

Not sure how to harness video for your real estate business? Here are some great tips… [Read More]

Home Tours | 3D and Virtual Reality:

Neighborhood/Community Videos
Realtor/Company “About Us” Video
Video Testimonials
Not Your Average Slideshow:


7 Best Free GoPro Editing Software Options


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by Bryan Haines


Free GoPro Editing Software: 7 Options

Before we get started, I want to qualify the programs on this list. To be listed, they must offer a “free forever” version. Some of these programs are available for free with a premium upgrade. But there is no trial software included in the list.

How are these programs determined to be the “best”? They are deemed the best by thenumber of reviews and their features. While I’ve used many different video editing programs, I haven’t used all of them – but after writing this post, I plan to review a number of them.

Okay, lets begin!

Here’s the short list of the software options. Below this list, you’ll find more in-depth information on each option.

  1. GoPro Studio (Free) Probably the most used program for editing GoPro video footage.
  2. DaVinci Resolve 12.5: (Free and Paid) This is an impressive looking program. I’ve downloaded the free version and can’t wait to try it.
  3. Blender (Free) This open source software comes highly praised. Should be worth a look.
  4. Filmora Wondershare (Free and Paid) See how to get a free premium license below.
  5. iMovie for Mac (Free) Popular and free but you’ll have to own (buy) a Mac to use it.
  6. Windows Movie Maker (Free) This is popular because Microsoft makes it. And because it’s free. (You can probably do better.)
  7. Lightworks (Free and Paid) This is a new one to me. They offer a free and premium subscription option.

Additional GoPro Editing Software

[More, and in greater detail, click here]




Bryan Haines is a travel blogger, photographer and content marketer. He is co-founder of ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorial blog) and Storyteller Media (content marketing for Canadian travel brands). Bryan is also blogs on WiseGuides.ca, a Nova Scotia travel blog that he runs with his wife, Dena.

GoPro Music Ideas – Links & Freebies


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by VidProMom



One of the first things I do when edit my GoPro videos is I browse for GoPro Music ideas. I ask myself how I want my video to feel, what “vibe” I want it to have, and stuff like that. Sometimes finding background music can take forever though! In this post, I put together some of my favorite GoPro background music tunes for Summer. Bookmark this post so you can come back to it! I’ll update it as I find more free GoPro music and paid GoPro music. Deal? This post contains affiliate links.

Let’s start with free background music, shall we?

Free GoPro Music

If you’ve read my post on background music, you know that Incompetech is my favorite place to get free GoPro music. Here are links to some of my recent favorites for summer!

  • Tech Live is pretty cool, a little funky, but still laid back (free)
  • Sunday Dub is another laid back groovy sound (free)
  • Surf Shimmy is pretty rad… and sounds exactly like you think it should (free)
  • Laser Groove is another cool one (free)




If you’re not sure what steps you need to take when you use Incompetech’s free background music, be sure to read up on my post about using royalty-free background music here. [More Here]

VidProMom has a slew of other useful GoPro information and freebies on her website, here.

About VidProMom

Meredith Marsh is a blogger, YouTuber, and podcast focused on motivating awesome people to create awesome videos–GoPro videos, family movies, vacation highlight reels, or business + marketing videos

16 Free 4K Volumetric Light and Dust Overlays


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by RocketStock

Add depth to your footage and motion graphics with this free pack of 14 volumetric light overlays and 2 dust elements (compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, and other NLEs).

The possibilities are endless with this collection of free light beams and dust overlays. You can use them on top of your existing footage to add depth, or you can add them to motion graphics to complement the movement of your designs. There are so many ways to create cinematic footage and stylized animations.

16 Free 4K Volumetric Light and Dust Overlays — 2 Dust Elements

Want to learn how to use these free volumetric light overlays and dust elements? Check out this tutorial and blog post that will show you how to add the free light and dust overlays with directions in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and After Effects.

Download the free pack of 14 volumetric light overlays and 2 dust elements here.

RocketStock Blog – http://bit.ly/2ccuusx

10 Basic Lower Thirds for FCPX, Free by LenoFX


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by Leno Porto, LenoFX

Add simple, clean and beautiful lower thirds to your videos for free.

Ten design variations to help you get started quickly. You can use one, two or three lines. Ready to use in 4K projects!

What is Included:
* 10 Lower Third Titles

* Quick and easy to edit in Final Cut Pro X
* Change duration, color, position, font, size, etc.
* On screen controls for size and position
* Built-in/out Animations
* Resolution 720, 1080, 4K 3840×2160
* No plugins required

* Final Cut Pro X 10.3
* Disk space: 16 MB

Share with your friends and the FCPX community to help us spread this free tool. Download here:  https://goo.gl/jQMJfY

Music not included – Driving In My Car
https://audiojungle.net/item/driving-… )


Avid’s Media Composer ‘First’ is here as a FREE App!


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by Steve Dent, @stevetdent 

If you’re serious about video editing and are weighing up your software options, two choices usually pop up: Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). But Avid, Hollywood’s go-to editing company, just played a wild card by releasing Media Composer First, a limited version of its pro software, for the hard-to-resist price of “free.” I’m well-acquainted with Avid and have used Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro since they launched. I was excited to try out MC First to figure out if I’d recommend it, and the answer is a qualified yes — I like it, but it’s not for everyone.


Avid’s Media Composer was the first widely-used “nonlinear” editing system that let you make video edits instantly and nondestructively. To suit its original feature-film and TV market, Avid developed it to be fast for cutting and allow for powerful footage organization. Nowadays, it’s a complete tool for finished effects, color correction, titles and audio, as Avid also owns Pro Tools, the standard for professional audio production.

The new free version, Media Composer First, mirrors Avid’s expensive software in most ways that count. “We’ve been showing Media Composer First to Hollywood film and TV editors, and they all asked the same question: ‘What isn’t in Media Composer First? This works just like my Media Composer,'” Avid’s Matt Feury told No Film School.

[Lots more here!]