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May 30, 2013


The Canon 50D doesn’t get a lot of love much anymore. The system is 5 years old, and was among one of the last DSLRs to come out without video capabilities. When searching through the firmware, it was later found that video functions existed for the 50D, but were disabled by Canon. Upon opening these features, EOSHD forum member Julian has found a beauty hidden in this old beast.

The sensor used in the 50D allows for some very clean and high detail RAW video footage to come out of the camera, far higher quality than you’d expect from a Rebel series. Also, the 50D was also known for its ability to handle low light with ease, a feature that inevitably moves to its new video functions as well. So good in fact, this screenshot of RAW video was taken at ISO 12,800 –

Featured Image EOSHD Video 50D 710x410 Magic Lantern Turns the Canon 50D Into a Video Monster

Aside from the excellent low light performance, what makes this great news for all video DSLR shooters is the price. The 50D, at 5 years old now, can be found on eBay and similar markets for around $400. That gives you a capable cropped body video camera with RAW functionality (thanks to Magic Lantern), with a UDMA 6 card slot, and all the bells and whistles Magic Lantern can unlock.

The cheapest next best thing for RAW video is the 5D Mark II with a custom firmware, which will still set you back over $1,000.

Check out eBay to find the latest prices on the Canon 50D.

[via EOSHD] and fstoppers