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July 11, 2013

by PROGRUDGE and Pixel Film Studios

Zoom your audience into a world of suspended dirt and grunge particles to create a tense and gritty viewing experience. Whether you are creating a fight promo or an edgy dance battle, PROGRUDGE™ can help you create a fun and fierce style in Final Cut Pro X. From dust and scratches to full on grunge, PROGRUDGE can create many different gritty looks.

PROGRUDGE™ FCPX Plugin - Enter the Parallax

Enter the Parallax

Zoom your way into a grungy, gritty world of suspended particles and dirt with PROGRUDGE™ from Pixel Film Studios™. Simply lay one of the adjustment layers on top of your footage and see your footage transformed into a Parallax of grudge.

PROGRUDGE™ FCPX Plugin - 100 Grudge Presets

100 Grudge Presets

With 100 Grudge Presets, you can create endless unique grunge sequences without having to repeat the same look. Quickly and easily browse through the PROGRUDGE™ library by scrubbing over the preview to see the effects in real time.

PROGRUDGE™ FCPX Plugin - 5 Grudge Styles

5 Grudge Styles

From lens dirt and scratches to full on grunge, PROGRUDGE™ offers 5 unique grudge styles to choose from. Use the customization controls to change the color, tint, focal point, saturation, and vignette to further change your grudge. The possibilities are endless.

PROGRUDGE™ FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROGRUDGE™ was created by the team at Pixel Film Studios™ to integrate perfectly with Final Cut Pro X to enhance your editing experience. Simply drag and drop one or many of the PROGRUDGE™ adjustment layers on top of your footage in the FCPX timeline and get ready to make grungy and edgy looks.