Great article by Steve Houk, whom I’ve known for almost 25 years. He’s written this on Tori Nelson, who I made a documentary about in 2012. Tori’s life is a wonderful story depicting her struggle in what many consider a “man’s sport.”


by Neer&Far Photography

She rises at dawn each day in her Ashburn Virginia home, and she prays. “When I first wake up, I already know I have to use every second of my day wisely. Prayer is first.”

So she prays for the happiness and safety of her two teenage kids, Q and Simone, the lights of her life.

Then she likely prays a little for the children she watches over in her first job of the day as a school bus driver. Then there’s one for the kids she feeds in her second job as a school cafeteria worker. And then another for the ones she teaches at her third job as a boxing instructor. Lastly, she probably throws a prayer in there for when she next enters the ring.

Then she gets her kids off to school and starts off another day in the life of Tori Nelson. A day in the…

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