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November 20, 2013

by fcproxuniversity.com

Ben Balser is your host for these templates, resources and tutorials.  He is an Apple Certified Master Trainer, producer, consultant, composer, author, post-production specialist.

He runs the Cajun Cutters FCP users group, teaches FCP at LA State Univ. and produces educational material for macProVideo.com and Moviola.com.

FREE PDF Tutorials:

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Building/Upgrading a Final Cut Pro X System

System Maintenance for FCP X Systems

Versioning Secrets for FCP X

Compressor 3.5 To 4 Custom Presets: Move/Share

FCP 7 Media Management

FREE FCP X Template Downloads:

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Dual Clip Comparison – effect

(see “Side by Side” & “Two-Up With Reflection”

3D Space Tilt, Reflection, Drop Shadow – effect

Levels With Blend Mode – effect

Picture In Picture – effect

Gradient Overlay – effect

Modified Vignette – effect

Split & Tint – effect

Dream Delirium – effect

Strobe & Blink – effect

Modified Gaussian Blur – effect

Side By Side – transition

(see “Dual Clip Comparison” & “Two-Up With Reflection”)

Dream Suite – 3 transitions

Film Scroll – transition

Speed Roll – transition

Adjustment Layer – title

Video Inside Text – title

Sub Title – title

Lines – title

Two-Up With Reflection – generator

(see “Dual Clip Comparison” & “Side By Side”)

Text Bullet Points – generator

Custom Gradient – generator

Transport Controls – generator

Mini Promo – generator

Elegant Windows – generator

Animated Traveling Star Field – generator

Final Cut Studio 3 Technical Tips

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70 tech tips covered in Ben Balser’s legacy “Tip Of The Week” for Final Cut Pro, Motion, SoundTrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Color, all in one easy to access publication.  Linked table of contents assures you can quickly find exactly what you need.  And at a price you can’t beat.