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November 21, 2013


How to write a movie script

Do you want to take your story to the big screen?

In this article, you’ll be told how to transform a story into a real movie script or scenario.

I’ll answer questions like: what does a movie script need? how does it look and what do I have to pay attention to when writing the script?

What Is A Movie Script?

A script is a fully (written) adaption of a story, it serves as a tool for filmmakers that aids in understanding how the movie will look, what the characters will say and what they will do.

Basically, you describe all the visible en audible things that are important to the story.

You Can Base Your Movie Script On These Sources:

  • An original story
  • A book
  • Another movie that already exists
  • An (historic) event

An original story write a movie script

Did you write a story yourself? Or do you have a great idea for a movie? If you do, then it’s possible to transform this into a movie script.

If you’re really thinking of looking for a filmmaker for your script, or even if you want to make the movie yourself, you have to keep in mind that making a movie costs a lot of money, this is very important to keep in mind when writing a script.

It’s possible to write a story about the discovery of life on Mars as a beginner, but keep in mind that such a story may cost millions for it to be brought to the big screen.

Writing a story is free, but making a movie costs heaps of money! Stay realistic when writing a script and think about the person you’re writing the script for: a rich filmmaker in Hollywood, a local production company, or you and your mates? It’s a big difference in cost.

A book

Are you writing a script based on a book (that is yours)? Think well about the differences between a book and a movie…  CLICK HERE to continue reading.