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November 25, 2013

by EntreFilmmaker


Shmuel Holding A Hot Potato

I get a ton of questions about working with non-profits and how to handle their specific needs when it  comes to producing ads for them. As you might know I have specialized in the non – profit market, and many of my colleagues are also working in that niche. Wayne, a filmmaker friend of mine asked me recently:

“How can I charge non profit clients? They always seem to be on a tight budget and try to get a discount from me. I often feel bad to charge them my rates.”
Does this sound familiar?

I have experienced this many times myself.
In this episode of EntreFilmmaker I will answer this question and examine what stance you can take. There is a great way of educating your clients so that they don’t feel they are just throwing out money. When you let them know that this  is rather an investment, and how  they benefit from it in the long run, it changes the whole perception. It’s all about perception.  There is actually a mathematical formula  that you can apply in order to figure out what your clients should be paying in order to sell more of their stuff.