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December 16, 2013

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Hollywood Titles tuts

Nailing the opening title of your film is important for a number of reasons. Usually it’s the first thing your audience sees on-screen that introduces them to your story, which means that it has to capture its tone and prepare your viewers for what is about to unfold. They don’t necessarily have to be intricate undertakings (Lars von Trier’s simple opening title from Antichrist is probably one of my favorites), but if you want to learn techniques that will help you create something epic, Aetuts+ shares some tutorials that break down how to recreate the titles from some big Hollywood movies.

Antonio Cerri takes us through each of the three tutorials below: title sequences for Cloud Atlas300: Rise of an Empireand Gravity. Cerri utilizes After Effects primarily, but he also works in Illustrator, Cinema 4D, as well as a new script called Dojo Extruder, so if you’re not familiar with any of these programs then these videos might be a little difficult to follow. (Aetuts+ levels all three at “intermediate” in difficulty.)

But don’t let that stop you from taking a crack at it — or at least seeing how more advanced tools work. In each of the titles, I’ve linked to the original Aetuts+ article, which provides further information, as well as the source files. Enjoy!

Click here for the complete article and video tutorials.

Cloud Atlas

300: Rise of an Empire


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