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December 20, 2013

by John’s Hopkins Medical Center

Patients at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center were in for a pre-holiday treat, Dec. 17, when Santa flew to see them. He piloted a cherry-red helicopter, hovering over the hospital, before landing with precision (like the professional driver he is) on the hospital’s helipad. Once out of the chopper, and dressed all in red, he spent several minutes waving to patients, nurses and docs peering out, from clinics, hospital rooms and playrooms, before heading down to the hospital’s Child Life TV studio to chat with patients.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center thanks Rick Rahim and Paul Masden for making Santa’s flight possible and Nils Granholm and Jay White at Cavus Media for producing this video, as a gift to the hospital, its patients, families and staff.

Johns Hopkins Children Center Santa Fly-in