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March 14, 2014

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If you produce and sell your videos or stories for a media outlet, we want to offer you the opportunity to sell them to hundreds more through our website. We will provide you with a platform where editors from all over the world will be able to view and purchase your work. Through Reporters United, you will have the chance to sell your work to a larger market you wouldn’t normally have access to. More than 500 reporters from all around the world have already joined Reporters United. Don’t miss your chance and let our clients know about your work.


  • An independent video news agency
  • The World’s News video Marketplace
  • A worldwide network of professional video reporters
  • Hundreds of new video segments each month
  • A friendly online user platform
video thumbnail 2:16

The Making of the Oscar Statuettes

Scott Siegel, President of R.S. Owens & Company, explains how an Oscar statuette is made.

What are our products and services?

  • Premium Content
  • Genuine and factually-correct stories
  • Rough cut to edited packages
  • Format: video segments in HD
  • Ethic: a strong, professional code of conduct, business and ethic
  • Trust: warranty of the truthfulness of all content
  • Global Distribution
  • Offering content to everyone (broadcasters, websites, production companies)
  • sell media

Sell media

You are a Freelance VideoJournalist or Cameraman;
You are a Documentary filmmakers;
You own a TV Production Company;

You have already sold your story to a media outlet. Don’t let it just sit on the shelf !!!

Being journalists ourselves, we know how much effort you put into producing your video, and we want you to earn more money from it.

So, we will provide you with a website where you can upload your videos and hundreds of leading editors from media outlets all over the world will be able to view them and purchase them immediately.

Simple to use
Uploading a video is very easy:

  • 1/ Log in with your email and password
  • 2/ Spend a few minutes uploading your story
  • 3/ Provide us with a brief explanation of your story
  • 4/ Your video will now be viewed by hundreds of established editors around the world and … they will be able to instantly purchase your story !!!

Rights & Pricing
When you upload your story, you will need to tell us if you have already sold it and to whom. We will try to sell your video only in countries where it has not been sold. We have a professional Sales Team which will get you the best price for your media.
Prices vary for each country; type of media outlet; and may depend on the type of rights (ie. exclusive/non exclusive).
Our team of professionals may generate you anywhere between $150 to $200.000 for a single video !!!
Regarding our cut, we work on a 50/50 basis. Your share will be calculated on the gross monies collected by REPORTERS UNITED. We will not deduct any of our costs (translation, encoding, server hosting …) and charges from the base of calculation (others could present lower rate – i.e. 40% – but deduct their costs before applying their commission).

Payment made easy
You do not have to worry about the contract or the rights attached to your video or payment delays. We will take care of that for you! Whenever one of your videos is sold, we will notify by email. All you need, is to log in to your REPORTERS UNITED website. You will have instant access to where and for how much your video was sold for. Once every month you will received a secure payment equal to your total monthly sales, made directly into your account.

If you ready to move forward and wish to get additional revenues from your work, just click here to register with REPORTERS UNITED.  We are here to help you to earn more money.