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March 19, 2014

By Rarevision


RAWMagic is the professional cinematographer’s favorite RAW video converter for Magic Lantern-equipped Canon DSLR cameras. It’s also the easiest way to convert your RAW files into CinemaDNG files for online editing and color grading. Just drag, drop and hit convert. That’s it!

You can also do other things like specify a custom frame rate for each clip and choose which camera model is written into the CinemaDNG files. It’s little features like these that can save you lots of time during the lengthy editing process.


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Customer Reviews

Best Mac app for Magic Lantern RAW

by Aneesh Arora

While other apps convert Magic Lantern RAW files to an unreadable DNG format this one converts it to cinema DNG which can directly be viewed in preview. I normally use this app and then import the cinema DNG to after effects as camera raw sequence and export in Prores ready for editing.

This app also supports takes broken over multiple files due to 4gb FAT32 limitation incase you haven’t formatted your card for exFAT. I haven’t tested it with files that are stopped midway and have their footer information missing.

The other converter I like is one which converts RAW directly to Cineform but it is for Windows only. It is the fastest workflow though but don’t know if it works for all kinds of files.

Processes Number Canon DNG file Types and even other cameras…

by CineStyle

Been using this program with the Canon 50D with great success. The program merges files that are larger than 4GB together with ease. The only issue I’ve ever encounted that makes me not want to use the program is that it tends to introduce very fine lines in the image when pixel peeping. Sometime it will introduce these “fine lines” and other times it will not. Not sure why… When this occurs I use a backup program called RAW2DNG.

The does wonder for the workflow!!

by AbstrakMedia

My only gripe is I had the beta version, when I updated to this candidate I noticed there is no option to remove files. If we could get that feature it would be awesome and perfect. I’m testing different resolutions and fps so I only want to convert certain ones and I cant tell which is which until I drop them into the app. Thanks for all the hard work for this app and thanks to ML for there never ending genius!