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April 7, 2014


Creative CloudIn 2012, Adobe unveiled the future of their software distribution strategy. Despite some initial hiccups in public perception, Creative Cloud has since taken the video post production world by storm. In addition to the monthly fee structure, Creative Cloud offered another major benefit over the Creative Suite — the ability for Adobe to push out major software updates and new features with a previously unheard of regularity. Now that NAB (filmmaker Christmas) is finally rolling around for another year, Adobe is releasing their next round of major features for their video-centric software, and let’s just say that the future is bright.

First, here’s a quick slide from Adobe’s presentation that gives you a quick look at all of the major new features in their video applications.

Adobe New Features

Now let’s take an individual look all of the major new features in each piece of software.  Click here for whats new in each including After Effects, Prelude, and Premiere…