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May 6, 2014

by Larry Jordan

There’s a new feature in the image stabilizer section of FCP X called Tripod. What this does is stabilize an image so solidly that it looks like it was shot on a tripod.

We now have a second stabilization option that may work better in some instances. In addition to the Smoothcam stabilizing we’re used to, we have a second method called InertiaCam. Final Cut analyzes your clip and makes its best guess as to which one to use, but you can manually choose either one and adjust the settings – even while the clip plays back in real time! InertiaCam includes a “Tripod Mode” option which is great for removing all motion from a shot instead of just smoothing it out.





The new InertiaCam stabilization option.

That’s the good news. The bad news was that I could never get this to work. So, I went rooting around on Apple’s website and discovered that “…the Tripod function is only available when a clip will benefit from it. When a clip is too shaky to successfully simulate a tripod-type effect, then the option will be grayed out. If the camera has no motion except for shakiness from panning, tilting, boom, crane, etc.) then the check box will be available.”