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June 20, 2014

by Joe Berkowitz

Non Sequitur Media created a video of 10,000 movies playing simultaneously that allows you to zoom in and toggle between them, if you can handle that.

The question of what to watch has become a lot more complicated recently. Sure, there are shows some of us follow each week, and certain movies we’ve been meaning to check out and tonight is definitely the night, but overall the seemingly limitless options digital media present can seem overwhelming. Perhaps in tribute to the suffocating fog of choice, a new video actually shows what it’s actually like to have an impossible mountain of visual data to countenance at once.


The 10,000 Movie Project is exactly what it promises, and it’s as close to experiencing the events depicted in Videodrome firsthand as most people would like to get. Created by YouTuber Non Sequitur Media, this project screens the first five minutes of the titular 10,000 movies–everything from Disturbia to Doc Hollywood–and allows viewers to toggle through them by zooming in. (Before any initial zooming, it just looks like an endless, electric grid of static-y boxes.)

Apparently, it took the creator’s computer over a month just to render the five-minute version, which is why we’ll never see the intended two hours. Five minutes, though, is enough dizzying abundance to leave you thankful that there’s only one season of Orange Is the New Black you have to attend to presently.

Here’s a list of the movies in the video. Let us know in the comments whether your brain exploded.