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July 9, 2014

by Sony Media Cloud Services


Until now, Sony Media Cloud Services’ Ci platform has only been available to major LA film and TV productions. Now we’re giving free access to a limited number of people to get your input. So try Ci on us and experience the most powerful online film and video collaboration tools ever made (no credit card required!)

  • Cloud-Based Toolset
  • Easy Review & Approve
  • Frame-Specific Annotation
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Share Video Files Securely!
  • Set Link Expiration
  • Set Download Permissions
  • Select Multiple Users

Ci will radically improve your workflow, streamline your review & approve process, and make sharing media files easier than ever. Try Ci now, and get your free account while they last.  Click here.  Read More.

Meet the stars of the show.

Just like apps on a smart phone, our growing library of Pro Apps add powerful functionality to your workspace. VideoReview, AudioReview, and RoughCut are designed for speed and simplicity, with the user in mind.

video_reviewReview, annotate, and collaborate on media files across multiple locations in real time.

VideoReview is the best way to get feedback on a video clip. Whether a scene or feature-length film, invite others to annotate directly on frame and collaborate in a social commenting environment. Get the notes you need, as soon as possible.

audio_reviewSelect audio ranges, loop ranges, share and comment on audio and video files in a social thread.

AudioReview is VideoReview’s little brother. With the audio waveforms and frame-accurate notes brought to the foreground, music producers, artists, musicians, composers, and sound designers use this tool to get the feedback they need on every nuance and moment.

rough_cutDefine a cut list, curate and add clips of interest, export to EDL, and share rough cuts with others.

RoughCut is a tool for fast-paced productions where a quick stitching of important shots can be assembled on-the-fly and in the cloud. Directors can stitch together favorite shots, assistant editors can create assemblies, and editors can import the markers into their NLE.