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July 24, 2014

By Michele Yamazaki, Toolfarm


If you’re an audio professional, or just a dabbler, here are some freeware plug-ins to help you create some excellent effects, fix problems and create the sound you want.

Here are some tested quality free plug-ins that are worth downloading for Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro and other host applications. Some may work in your video applications like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or Avid Media Composer if they are compatible with the format. For more information, take a look at In Depth: Audio Plug-ins and Formats for Video Professionals.

1. QuikQuak UpStereo

Description: A stereo enhancer that makes mixes bigger, allowing you to go from mono to wide, to help bring the stereo image out and toward the listener.

Compatibility: VST and RTAS compatible

Download: UpStereo


2. iZotope Vinyl

Description: Enhance your sound with the ultimate authentic lo-fi vinyl scratches, mechanical noise, warp, wear, dust and grit.

Compatibility: RTAS, VST, AU, D

Download: iZotope Vinyl

More from iZotope

Bonus Freebie: Through the end of July, download Food from the iZotope Iris Sound Library for free, if you buy or own Iris.

3. Avid Bomb Factory Studio Essentials for Pro Tools

Description: Bomb Factory BF76, BF Essentials Clip Remover, BF Essentials Correlation Meter, BF Essentials Meter Bridge, BF Essentials Noise Meter, BF Essentials Tuner and Funk Logic Mastererizer. You need an Avid account to download the tools.

Compatibility: A mix of RTAS, TDM, AU. Click the download link for specifics for each plug-in.

Download: Avid Bomb Factory Plug-ins

More audio tools from Avid

4. de la Mancha free plug-ins

Description: GTO and GTX are vintage “character compressors”.  QB3 is a 3-band EQ plug-in that gives a vintage-flavor. Clipstar is a soft clipper. Scylla is multi-layered synthesizer and includes oscillators and a sample player. They have several others on the site too, but these are the newest. Download and if you like them, consider making a donation to Cancer Research UK on their site.

Compatibility: VST

Download: de la Mancha freebies


5. Sinevibes Atom

Description: This multi-mode modulator filter has five different resonant types.

Compatibility: AU

Hosts: Logic, GarageBand, Live, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.

Download: Sinevibes Atom


6. vladg/sound Limiter No. 6

Description: Mastering modular limiter with 5 modules: RMS compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, clipper, true peak limiter.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU

Download: Vladg/sound Limiter No. 6

7. Togu Audio Line TAL-NoiseMaker

Description: Fancy analog-modeling synth with 128 presets. 3 oscillators, lots more.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU

Download: TAL-NoiseMaker

8. Blue Cat’s Chorus

Description: Modulation plug-in with gain, flanger, phaser, etc. Simple but super useful. Comes with presets.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU, RTAS, AAX, DirectX

Download: BlueCat Freeware Bonus: lots of other Blue Cat’s plug-ins are available for free at this link!