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August 20, 2014

by aescripts

aescripts + aeplugins

Fractal Flames are always beautiful and AEFlame is a great plugin created by Andrew Davidson, which helps AE users explore the depth of Mathematical space right in After Effects. Interestingly, this plugin existed since AE 4.0, but the author didn’t port it to the recent versions of After Effects. Luckily, he was generous enough to release the source of the plugin so this is the CS4/CS5 port.

Remember, this is just a direct port and it has not been extensively tested.

This should be considered a beta quality release. However we have not experienced any issues with it so far. You can report issues, but don’t expect any support.

AE Flame

Install Instructions:

Drop the appropriate plug-in file into your Plug-ins folder. Apply the Effect from Effect->Render->AEFlame