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August 26, 2014

by LightLeakLove.com


In this article we are going to share over 50 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins that we reckon are pretty darn awesome!

One of the areas where Final Cut Pro trumps its competition is the plugin universe it nurtured around FCPX. The amount of talented plugin creators that are out there making plugins, effects, templates and transitions for Apples industry leading editing platform is pretty epic.

With so many fantastic companies and individuals making such brilliant plugins, the video editing landscape has never looked healthier or more creative. Things that used to take hours and had to be built up over layers and layers (and layers) are now as simple as drag…and…drop.

Many of these plugins are released as freebies from companies (giving a sample of their full plugins) or from other FCPX editors simply looking to share the cool plugin that they’ve created.

Here at LightLeakLove.com we have just done that very same thing with “Transition Love Lite” our own free collection of light leak transitions for FCPX.

In making our new plugin collection we got to thinking – “What other fantastic free plugins are out there just waiting to be discovered?“.

So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of what we think are the 50 (actually it’s 53…we got carried away!) best plugins for FCPX. They consist of transitions, title templates, effects and generators.

With that many plugins to get through we better get started!  click here to see all 50…