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September 18, 2014

by BorisFX

Welcome to Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) – the world’s most comprehensive visual effects plug-in collection.  BCC contains over two hundred effects spanning 17 effects categories including plug-ins for 3D text, chroma keying, image restoration, glows, lens flares, volumetric lighting, transitions, and much more.  For a full introduction to BCC for Final Cut Pro and Motion including video highlights, filter galleries, and a wealth of online tutorials please visit http://www.borisfx.com/Apple/bccfxplug/.

Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug 9.0.2 for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion was released on 9/15/2014.

BCC 9 FxPlug for FCP X and Motion – Supported Host Environments:

Mac OSX 10.9:

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.1
  • Motion 5.1

Note that BCC9 requires Final Cut Pro 10.1 and Motion 5.1 (or higher) which in turn require Mac OS 10.9 (or higher).  If you need BCC for older versions of Final Cut Pro or Motion please consult the BorisFX website or contact BorisFX sales.

What’s New in BCC 9 for FCP + Motion (Recap of major changes since BCC 8):

  • 9 new effects and 24 new/redesigned transitions:


2-Strip Color Laser Beam Pan & Zoom – now 3D
Chroma Key Studio 2 Lens Correction Uprez
Edge Grunge Magic Sharp Vignette
Grunge (Motion)


Blobs Wipe Lens Distortion Wipe Rings Wipe
Blur Dissolve Lens Flare Dissolve Ripple Dissolve
Checker Wipe Lens Flare Round Tile Wipe
Composite Dissolve Lens Flare Spiked Tritone Dissolve
Damaged TV Dissolve Lens Flash Twister
Film Glow Dissolve Light Wipe Vector Blur Dissolve
Flutter Cut Rays Dissolve Vignette Wipe
Grid Wipe Ribbon Wipe Water Waves Dissolve
  • Pan and Zoom enhancements:
    • 3D moves
    • Cropping
    • Vignette
    • Improved action/title safe guides
  • New HTML-based help system offering richer and more dynamic learning guides.
  • Improved 4K rendering support in OpenGL accelerated filters.
  • Native float rendering support for effects in the 3D Objects category.
  • Hardware antialiasing for enhanced edge quality in the 3D Objects category.
  • Major performance improvements in some OpenGL filters such as Damanged TV, Scanlines, and Glint.
  • New Gradient feature in many BCC Wipe transitions.
  • Integrated Beat Reactor added to Stage Light.
  • Composite On Source and Gamma Adjustment added to Stage Light.
  • Built in Motion Blur added to Corner Pin.
  • Tracker Time Offset added to Corner Pin.
  • Colored Background option added to Swish Pan.
  • Brightness Peak and Control Peak added to Lens Transition.
  • New presets added across a wide range of effects.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Getting Started:

If you are new to working with BCC in FCP X or Motion 5 (and even if you are not) we recommend you review our Working in Final Cut Pro and Motion page for important tips on gettings started with BCC in these hosts.

Help / Training / Support:

Numerous resources are available for helping you get the most out of Boris Continuum Complete.