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September 23, 2014


Online After Effects Tutorials

I believe Internet is that biggest source for learning anything these days. There are millions of websites offering great tutorials and training based on individual’s interest. The biggest and the most important question that comes to a person’s mind willing to learn After Effects is – ‘How can I learn After Effects without spending thousands of dollars on some University courses‘. Well, there is no harm in joining a Vfx school but before that, consider this question – ‘Do you really need a Vfx school to learn After Effects‘. According to me, there are plently of amazing websites that offers Online After Effects Tutorials. Some offers free tutorials and others are paid.

The quality and quantity of tutorials offered by some of these paid websites are enough for you to learn the basics and advance techniques of After Effects. Since After Effects is all about experimentation, once you know the basics, let your imagination flow, experiment with the software and you will be able to create amazing Visual Effects.

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