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November 28, 2014

by Soloshot

Thanks to Nils Granholm for posting.


Soloshot keeps your camera pointed at you while you surf! Now you can film your entire surf session from the beach. All the airs, all the bails, all the paddling, and all the turns can now be filmed easily using Soloshot. Whether your surfing a point break or getting barreled, longboarding or shortboarding, get video footage of it all. Simply attach your camera to Soloshot, set it up on the beach, go through the pairing sequence, and start surfing!

Soloshot works by pointing itself at an armband remote that you or your subject wear. The remote is waterproof, incredibly robust, comfortable, and was designed for the harshest ocean environments. Soloshot has a range of over 1500 feet (half a kilometer), a battery life of 6+ hours, and comes with the standard camera mounting screw. Soloshot also has a built in security feature that allows Soloshot and your camera to be locked to a permanent structure for those surf sessions you really want to film solo.

Soloshot was developed by surfers for surfers. Taking three years of research and development, and more than 20 talented engineers and scientists, artists and designers, Soloshot is ready for you! The innovative technology behind Soloshot has 11 patents pending.

Like most rad products, SOLOSHOT began as a solution to a problem. When the waves come up, everyone wants to be in the water. It’s hard to find someone to stand on the beach pointing a camera for hours even though that’s usually the best angle to shoot from. You really need a dedicated, skilled cameraman who is always at the ready to get the kind of high quality footage that professionals use to train or share with the world.

Even though SOLOSHOT started as a way for surfers to finally get that perspective shot they craved, the product has really taken off in all kinds of communities where the participants really want that angle that previously could only be captured by a dedicated professional cameraman. It’s pretty great to see random videos of rugby and soccer and even dog training and RC flying. When you think about it, you can set up a SOLOSHOT on the sidelines and get hours of super high quality footage of your practice, EVERY practice. The impact this kind of product will have on the careers of striving action and field sports athletes is already significant and we have only just begun to scratch the surface.


I still watch footage from surf trips I took 10 years ago and, even though it’s pretty shaky, it takes me back to that moment. I can remember the drive to the beach or how the fresh local juice tasted. It makes me smile to know that will happen with way more footage for way more people. Only now the footage (and the surfing) will be much better and the smiles a whole lot bigger.

On behalf of the entire SOLOSHOT Team, we would like to extend a hearty thanks to our loyal customers. Truly revolutionary products like SOLOSHOT could not exist without trailblazing early adopters like you. As a hands on company that proudly designs and manufactures its own products in the USA, we invite you to stay tuned as we continue to push the limit of what’s possible!

Now please, go film yourself!

Chris Boyle

Founder & CEO


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