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December 4, 2014

By Braden Storrs


A nice surprise appeared in the App Stores this week. FCP X was updated to version 10.1.4 and the Pro Video Formats to version 2.0. I don’t know about you, but I think I get a bit of that “it’s Christmas” feeling when that happens.

The response has been pretty mixed though on the various forums I’m a part of. Many were wanting this to be more of a new feature heavy release. Blah, blah, whaaaaa, where’s my features? That’s kind of what I hear to be honest, though it’s a trend across the industry from software to cameras. People want the world. Quality content people, that’s what’s important, but I digress. While there are a few things I’d like to see added as well I’m more concerned at this point about having a solid, stable, system on which to rely. There’s some important bug fixes in this update. Everything I need for my workflow, feature wise, is already there or easily attainable via plugin. Believe me though, there’s probably few people who have sent in more FCP X feedback and feature requests then me. Still, let them know what you want, they’re listening. That’s why MXF is here.

The other response was the opposite. The addition of a built in native MXF (material exchange format) workflow is about the best update to ever come to FCP X for some people. Import, editing, export, and a MXF XML option make a lot of people’s lives in broadcast a lot easier. Networks have very stringent requirements when it comes to delivery formats so this will help a lot. With the Pro Video Formats update Compressor has a number of MXF export options. For example AS-11. Yes, there were a few plugins that would cover import and export of MXF before but they were very pricey and if you were outfitting a lot of editing seats that could get expensive. I’m hoping this move will open many more broadcast house to use FCP X and further shift the opinion of FCP X many have of in that division of the industry. Motion 5.1 also benefits from the same export options.

FCP X Update:


Pro Video Formats Update:

Ripple Training did a quick little video to get everyone up to date on some of the MXF workflow options:

Keep those updates coming Apple! I’m looking forward to the Motion and Compressor updates. Though, unless they’re late, it looks like they won’t come till the next FCP X update. Looking forward to Logic Pro X’s update as well. Those are generally pretty impressive.