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March 6, 2015

by Dark Energy

Dark Energy for After Effects


Dark Energy®: The Special Force Against Noise.

Created from the combined knowledge and expertise of aerospace, semiconductor, image processing and feature film mastering engineers, Dark Energy changed the game. First introduced – and still available – as a professional suite, Dark Energy was originally developed for the demanding worlds of D-Cinema and HD mastering. Now, we’ve combined our strengths again and packaged Dark Energy in an affordable plug-in. Dark Energy for After Effects has two powerful modules: Anti-Matter and Matter. Manage noise. Remove grain. Match footage. Or, just win the battle over Internet codecs. Less noise means fewer bits, which equals better video with less bandwidth.

Dark Energy is your next-gen weapon against noise, and your ally for better-looking images. Own the industry’s most complete texture management plug-in. Dark Energy For After Effects.


See Dark Energy® In Action.

Dark Energy For After Effects is more than a Noise Reduction tool. It is a Texture Management system. It was developed to allow filmmakers to optimize footage in different ways, at different stages of the pipeline. For example, leveraging Dark Energy Anti-Matter to reduce noise or grain before color correction can expand the range of possibilities for a colorist, without unwanted highlighting of the noise. Following color correction, Dark Energy Matter puts a new esthetic power in your hands; the ability to fashion just the right texture for your story. You can also use Anti-Matter and Matter in combination, to correct under-exposed footage in a sequence, or match the look of different cameras in your cut.

For these demos, we zoom to a one-to-one resolution and then carefully show the Before and After of Dark Energy Anti-Matter and Matter. In all cases, we show side-by-sides of the Original, De-Noised and the Re-Textured versions. Full resolution TIFF screen grabs are also available for download.

Learn about Dark Energy®

Dark Energy Matter and Anti-Matter are the premiere tools for denoise, degrain, film grain and film simulation in Adobe After Effects.

We are developing the tutorials for how to use all Dark Energy modules, and will be posting them here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is going to be video compression in these videos which may limit the ability to view the grain/noise as it is being pointed out by the instructor.

Tutorial: The Anti-Matter Module in Simple Mode


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