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March 20, 2015

by Jeff Riegel for Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite


Magic Bullet Suite 12.0 can really take your visuals to the next level. Red Giant has created some wonderful applications and plugins, including the Red Giant Shooter Suite and Universe that I reviewed last year. The new Magic Bullet Suite 12 is boasting seven powerful color correction tools including the all-new Magic Bullet Film.  I’ve also included a few video links demonstrating the capabilities of the new plug-ins:

The tools in Magic Bullet Suite 12 are fully compatible with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, and include additional host support for Final Cut Pro X, Avid, and other industry standard NLEs. This versatility allows facilities with large workgroups to easily share looks amongst themselves.

You’ll find overlap in each of the Magic Bullet color modules, but now on to the details…



I’ve been a big fan of Looks since version 1.0. Version three has a new UI for a better ease-of-use of it’s almost 200 new and customizable presets—a great place to start before making your own tweaks. I especially like the new “hover-display” that displays details of a particular tool as you hover your cursor over it. Mojo is part of Looks which is kinda cool in that it protects skin color while manipulating the surrounding background of your video to add a filmic look of choice. I personally like the ability to add a quick and clean customizable vignette, which I do to many of my projects. Mojo + Vignette=stackable effects!




Colorista 3 is a super-simple and fast color corrector for the faint at heart affecting shadows, highlights, strengths and vignettes. It’s very intuitive and now works within Final Cut X and Motion 5, as well as Premiere and After Effects.




Magic Bullet Film is the newest software in the Magic Bullet Suite 12 product line that simply gives your video footage the look and ambiance of real film stock, with more than two-dozen options to choose from. Like the others product in this suite, the Film controls are very intuitive and provide you the ability to simulate Hollywood, old and new. Speaking of which, to celebrate this recent release, Red Giant’s film team, led by the creative guru, Seth Worley, has created “Old/New,” a new film narrated by Patton Oswalt (seen on TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Per Red Giant’s website, “Old/New” was created to help show off the power of Red Giant’s filmmaking and visual effects tools, with a focus on the new Magic Bullet Suite 12 – a set of seven tools for color correction, finishing, and film looks for filmmakers. The suite, a mainstay of the broadcast and filmmaking industries, includes Magic Bullet Looks, a color grading tool that is consistently voted the #1 plug-in for editors, year after year, and Colorista III, which gives filmmakers powerful, real-time color correction, directly on the editing timeline.”

Watch “Old/New” here:


Denoiser II  (Also part of Magic Bullet Shooter Suite 12.6)


Denoiser II hasn’t seen an update over its release last year as part of Red Giant’s Shooter Suite. But it’s nice to see its also available as part of RG’s MBS12.

DeNoiser II is Red Giant’s powerful visual noise reduction tool essential for anyone shooting in low light, giving you a professionally smoothed result that sustains and even enhances fine details.  It’s been compared to the very popular Neat Video plugin, which now gains new competition from Denoiser II.  (See a side-by-side comparison here.)  Denoiser II is extremely adept at clearing up artifacts and unwanted noise grain while leaving the true information intact for great looking results, no matter the poor lighting conditions.

MAGIC BULLET LUT BUDDY (Also part of Magic Bullet Shooter Suite 12.6)


LUT Buddy is now part of Magic Bullet Suite 12 as well as Red Giant’s Shooter Suite. Both now includes LUT Buddy for sharing color decisions from on-location.  LUT Buddy is a necessary instrument for sharing color choices between applications as LUT files.  If a colorist makes a set of adjustments to a clip in Premiere and would like to apply the same operation to a clip in Final Cut Pro (or After Effects, Smoke, Motion or Resolve), the information from Premiere can be saved to a LUT file and opened then applied in Final Cut Pro.  The process of saving the color operation to a LUT is the job of LUT Buddy.




Cosmos is a skin enhancer that has been around for a while under Magic Bullet’s tutelage, but is new to FCPX (yeah!). This product portion of MBS12 allows for manipulation of skin tone and smoothing relieving facial blemishes and aging much like Digital Anarchy’s award-winning Beauty Box skin retouching has done for years. (See my post here)




Mojo overlaps with Colorista in that it, too, can provide any desirable Hollywood color grade to your project within seconds.

Final Thoughts

Will Magic Bullet Suite 12 someday be included as part of Red Giant’s popular subscription based Universe? That would be nice and make upgrading and updating more simple! I find the need to no longer require After Effects to correct skin tones or express my color creativity anymore wonderful, expanding my ability to use their software within most any NLE including FCPX (except DeNoiser and LUT Buddy still only being Adobe plugins).  The ability for immediate feedback is awesome; when I use a slider, I see the results instantly! MBS12 is suitable for beginners as well as professional colorists.  I love this new version, especially all the products that come bundled within it that help me with color processing.

For a full list of new tools and features available in the Magic Bullet Suite 12, please visit http://www.redgiant.com/products/magic-bullet-suite/.

Magic Bullet Suite 12 can be purchased for $799 ($199 upgrade) at RedGiant.com. Or first check out the FREE Trial for Windows or Mac via their website.  Customers can purchase individual products or the entire Magic Bullet Suite 12.  For a full list of new tools and features available in the Magic Bullet Suite 12, please visit http://www.redgiant.com/products/magic-bullet-suite/.

Special thanks to Red Giant and the Zazil Media Group for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with their fine product and to share my take on Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12.


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