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April 3, 2015


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The motion imaging business is one of constant change. There are new fads and trends that seem to pop up every day. The trick is weeding through the fad of the moment and finding the gem that will last for a significant period of time.

Many believe that 4K image capture is just that, a fad. I for one do not agree with that viewpoint. I’ve shot 5K resolution for about 3 years now and recently have moved into 6K production as well. Personally I’ve seen the benefits of ‘over-sampling’ even when editing in a HD environment. Our clients are now seeing the benefits too, and requests are on the rise for 4K image capture.


There are arguments for and against 4K image capture. The main opposition believes that the move to “UHD” will be slow and painful. I believe that may be true in part because broadcasters do not want to spend the money necessary on infrastructure to deliver UHD to the masses. However, this business is nothing if not adaptive. If broadcasters won’t change, content providers will figure out a way to go around the broadcasters…

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Curt Pair

About Curt Pair

Curt Pair started capturing images professionally as a still photographer in his teens. He moved into video/motion imaging in 1991, working in broadcast news. In 2000 he formed his own production company that provides services from script to screen and all points in between. Curt is a Producer/Director, DP/Camera Operator, Editor/Motion Graphics Artist that truly understands every aspect of production. When he’s not working, he’s usually found at the cinema, playing guitar, hiking, or enjoying the lake.