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April 10, 2015

by Adobe and Robert Hardy


Morph Cut is one of those things that will probably end up saving many of our asses at some point (those of us who shoot lots of interviews anyway), especially when we don’t have the appropriate b-roll or cutaway to cover up a jump cut. While I haven’t tested this feature for myself yet, it sure seems to work well in the video demonstration below, which makes me excited for a future in which Adobe’s magical morph cut technology makes it so that I can easily hide the jump cuts that I’ve had to find other creative ways to fix in the past.

Here’s another short feature video that Adobe on Task Oriented Workspaces released alongside the announcement:
You can read about all of the new features in the latest version of Premiere over on the Adobe blog. And you’ll be hearing about the other exciting updates to Adobe’s video lineup (including some entirely new pieces of software), so stay tuned!