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May 20, 2015

By Caleb Ward, PremiumBeat

It’s no secret that Walt Disney Animation has been on the cutting edge of filmmaking innovation for over half a century now, and this video from 1957 proves it. Walt Disney himself guides the viewer through a tour of the multiplane camera, a device designed to add never-before-scene levels of realism to cartoons. This video is simply fascinating. Take a look…

(Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera (Filmed: Feb. 13, 1957)

The filmmaking techniques covered in this video have certainly stood the test of time — and there are a more than few takeaways for both motion graphic designers and filmmakers. Click here to see a few of the motion graphic takeaways from Walt Disney’s multi-plane camera demo.

Here’s a demo I made a number of years ago using Apple Motion (the same can be applied via After Effects, as well) that demonstrates the 3D effect that Disney created over 50 years ago…