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May 21, 2015

by Paul Andrew, Envato


After Effects’ extensive and professional-level array of tools and features has made it the first choice for professional and amateur filmmakers and animators for a number of years now.

But for anyone that is just starting out with the application, it can have an intimidating learning curve. So, to help you create video backgrounds for your website and to also help get you on the path to visual storytelling genius, we have a 10 part video course that has been specifically designed to help anyone that is stepping into the world of After Effects for the very first time.

Logo_x2_retinaThis tutorial series has been published as part of our Master Video in Web Design event. For more articles, tutorials and free files click here.

Before you dive into the tutorials, perhaps you should download this After Effects cheat sheet, it will help, especially when it comes to learning After Effects terminology.

Course Overview & Introduction to After Effects

After watching these tutorials, hopefully you will feel more comfortable working within After Effects. For the remaining 10-Part Series, free source files, and to get you on your way with After Effects, click here…