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May 26, 2015

by Copy.com


OK.  I’m cheap.  And brief.  But here’s (another) 15+GB of FREE online secure cloud storage for you to try out, with lots of included free options.  Of course, you can always upgrade for as little as five bucks a month for even more storage, but as I said– I’m cheap.

Check it…


  • 15GB of cloud storage
  • 1 user, free
  • No maximum file size limit
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux clients
  • Multiple user support; 5 users for free
  • 30 day file revision history
  • 30 day file recovery
  • Sync desktop files
  • Mobile app access

Sharing Files

Sharing the contents of folders in Copy is simple and effective.  All you have to do is right click on a folder, and click Share.  A public link will be created that you can paste into an email, or share on social networks with the included Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus buttons.

Copy simple sharing menu

Copy has two types of sharing: Simple and Secure.  Simple sharing creates a public link that anyone can access.  Secure sharing creates a link that’s “invitation only,” and requires recipients to verify their email address with Copy.

With securely shared folders, you can specify permissions that each user has.  The available permissions are: Can Edit & Sync, View Only, and Can Manage.

Who Should Use Copy?

Anybody looking for lots of free cloud storage space with excellent features, perhaps as an alternative to Google Drive (which doesn’t support Linux) will like Copy.

Copy is also great for businesses – even with the free plan – due to the free plan supporting up to 5 users.

With 15 GB of free space, sync clients for almost any operating system, and fantastic mobile apps, there’s a lot I like about Copy.

Copy creates stunning photo galleries

Shared links display a simple file list, yet when you click a photo it will enlarge to fill your entire screen.  The interface isn’t cluttered at all; it’s simple, clean, and effective.  There’s a “Save All” link, so the person you’re sharing with can download all the files in the folder.  Copy even displays CR2 files natively, making this a great service for photographers who work with RAW files.

Copy is great for sharing photos

Check it…