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June 9, 2015

by Andyax

(thanks to David Wardrick for posting)

Wireless follow focus and camera control

The DEC lens adapter is for Canon EF and EF-S lenses on Micro 4/3 and E-Mount Cameras. It allows the wireless control of both iris and focus as long as the lenses are electronic.

Being able to control your camera and lens wirelessly can make a huge difference to your shots and productivity when filming. The affordable Aputure DEC Wireless Remote Follow Focus Lens Adapter let’s you control the focus, change aperture and start and stop recording in a easy way.

Imagine you have been shooting with your canon DSLR for a long time and now you want to switch over to a camera like the Panasonic GH4. Then the Aputure DEC adapter will make your Canon EF lenses work on micro four third cameras like the GH4 and the Black Magic Pocket Camera. But that is just one cool thing with this adapter. Connected with the remote controller, it can do a lot more.

The best way to operate a shoulder rig or a tripod would be to keep both your hands on the rig at all times. But how can you then operate the camera and the lens? Attach the DEC adapter to your camera, attach your lens, and mount the camera on your rig or tripod. Then grab the remote controller and the clamp and attach it to your rig. Turn on the adapter and the remote controller and you are ready to control the camera wirelessly.

One of the features is the wireless focus. Pull the focus button on the remote controller to either side to change focus. The faster you pull, the faster you focus.

When filming documentaries, being able to change aperture quickly during recording is important. The DEC makes it possible. Just roll the wheel on the back of the remote, and the aperture will change. The OLED screen on the remote cotroller shows you the current aperture, and the focal length is shown on the left side of the screen. The same screen you find on the remote controller, is on the side of the adapter.

What about the record button? No problem. Grab the cable from the box and attach it to the adapter, and then the remote input of the camera. Now you can start and stop the recording, by pressing the record button on the remote controller.

Another great feature, is the opportunity to set focus marks. Imagine you want to pull focus from one point to another and make the shot accurate every single time. That’s not a problem with the DEC. First you choose one of the focus points, and then press the a-button on the side of the remote. Then change focus over to the other point and press the b-button. Now those marks are saved, as you can tell by looking at the display. So, when you now pull the focus button, it will make the perfect focus change every single time. The remote shakes when the marking point is reached, and automatically stops the focus change.

The remote and the adapter both have an internal battery. The remote has a battery life of 3-4 days non-stop and the adapter has a battery life of 4 hours. You charge them with usb cables, and you can use them while charging.

The price of $390 is really cheap compared too similar equipment. I read that they will release one version with speedbooster, so it doesn’t crop the image when using EF-lenses on the micro four third cameras like the GH4. That has to be the perfect combination!

Aputure DEC Wireless Lens Adapter for Canon EF Lenses

For more on the adapter, check out their website, and if you’d like to buy one, head over here.