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July 31, 2015

by Lintelfilm

A Free FCPX Plugin by Lintelfilm

Richard Gale‘s humorously named lens-modification company Dog Schidt Optics has found great success offering filmmakers glass that gives the often clinical and sterile look of digital video a bit of organic soul. However, it’s not always practical to use old prime lenses with fixed apertures and “baked-in” optical “flaws.” So we’ve created a plugin for Final Cut Pro X that offers the option of adding a similar organic feel at the post-production stage. In honor of Richard’s pioneering D.S.O. brand, we’ve decided to call our new plugin Dawg Pü.

Dawg Pü applied (no mask)

Dawg Pü applied (no mask) Here the effect is applied to the entire image. You can see the Dawg Pü module in FCPX’s inspector on the right.

Dawg Pü is an effects plugin for FCPX that mimics “desirable” characteristics of old, bad, damaged and/or modified lenses. It is designed to give footage shot with clinical modern glass a organic, analogue feel. It is not a “film look” effect and is designed to be used in addition to (usually after) any other color correction and/or grading.

I recommend using each variable of the effect in moderation. The FCP 10.2 update allows masks to be applied to all effects. I recommend applying an inverted mask with a wide falloff to Dawg Pü if you want a subtle effect that mimics “characterful” corners (or of course if you wish to keep specific areas of the image clean). However please note that the Barrel Distortion and Pincushion Distortion effects may create unwanted artifacts if used in conjunction with masks.

Enjoy giving your footage a bit of dirty soul!  Click here for more info and to download some Dawg Pü for your FCPX system.