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September 2, 2015

by Jonny Elwyn – Film Editor

As a editor, it was essential you bought an iPad, you know for “work stuff.” Now that you’ve got iPad just lying around, isn’t it about time you did something more productive with it than surfing online and watching TV shows? Here are some useful apps that might just assist your day to day film editing workflow, some of which I’ve been experimenting with recently.


ipad apps for film editors

Ctrl+Console, pronounced Control Console, (the + is silent apparently) is an iPad armed editor’s dream. Beautifully designed interface layouts, communicating with zero lag between your interactions on the iPad and the subsequent effects within your NLE. Throw in the ability to use multi-touch gestures on top and you have a very powerful interface tool for your editorial arsenal. Not to mention another way to make use of your precious iPad.

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useful apps for film editors