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December 7, 2015

by Michael Hall and Christopher Sakr, ShoHawk.com

Inside The Actor's Studio







This is nearly 40 hours of fascinating, expository, and educational interviews with some of cinema’s top names and talents.

Founded as a craft seminar for film and acting students, Inside the Actor’s Studio has been an ever present TV tool for filmmakers for over 20 years.

I’ve been watching Inside the Actor’s Studio since grade school and it’s hard to quantify the lessons I’ve learned from this show.

Between great film directors’ origin stories, and insights from legendary actors on what works for their craft, this show has been invaluable. More recently, it’s been a bit flashier and more commercialized, but there was a time when the show was a film school unto itself.

I included some of these interviews for obvious reasons—they feature great filmmakers discussing their approach, career decisions, and inspirations. Others are a bit broader, but equally valuable—the Dave Chapelle episode is among the best interviews I’ve ever had.

I urge you to pay close attention to each of these and see them for the unique lessons they offer. Enjoy this abundance of information, and have fun walking down memory lane with some of your favorite films and the minds behind them!

See all 40 interviews from guru’s such as TOM HANKS to MARTIN SCORSESE