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By Caleb Ward, Premumbeat

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On top of being a pretty fantastic compositing and motion graphics software, After Effects is a great tool for smoothing out video footage. While it’s always better to keep your footage as smooth as possible when on set, if you sit down to edit your footage and realize it’s too shaky, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, there are multiple things you can do.

1. Warp Stabilizer

  • Pro: Easy to use. Professional results.
  • Con: Can sometimes lead to warping.

2. Stabilize Motion Feature

  • Pro: Locks shots down.
  • Con: Can lead to awkward warping. Must be adjusted by hand. Can create gaps on the edges of a frame.

3. ReelSteady

  • Pro: Smoothest stabilization possible. Easy to use. Masking capabilities.
  • Con: Price.

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