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These free animation tools for After Effects are essential for becoming a killer animator.

Animation Tools for After Effects

Top image via Jenny LeClue

While I would never recommend that working character animators use After Effects exclusively, there are a few tools that make animating in After Effects much easier. Let’s take a look at five essential animation tools for After Effects.

1. DuIK

Price: free, but donations are helpful.

If you download only one animation tool for After Effects, it’s imperative that you download DuIK. It’s an animation powerhouse that allows users to have all of the tools they need to create fun animations right at their fingertips.

Most notably, DuIK allows users to easily rig elbow and knee joints with inverse kinematics. If you’re not already familiar with the term, inverse kinematics is a rigging process where joints behave by bending when two objects are brought near.

Inverse Kinematics

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