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Lighting, camera choice, and lenses play a huge role in high-quality cinematography, but poor framing can often make or break a shot.

Many up-and-coming DPs are focused on what camera they’ll be shooting on, how much dynamic range they can capture, and how to light their scene properly. Obviously, these are all important considerations. But few amateur cinematographers put enough effort or thought into the framing choices that they make — which is unfortunate, considering audiences will pick up on the subtle cues of framing before just about anything else.

The video below from Tom Antos discusses basic framing tips, and is a great watch for anyone looking to brush up on the basics…

Framing and composition is one of the most easy to explain, but difficult to master, topics in video making. In these videos you get a nice introduction to some of those basic principles.

Every of these rules are made to be broken as you advance and build your own style. But as a starter, it’s definitely a good idea to hold on to those rules.