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by Robert Hardy, nofilmschool.com

Resolve 12 Tutorials

Last summer, Resolve became the most fully featured NLE and color correction tool that you can get for free on any major operating system. Like many of you, I’m extremely excited for that proposition, especially considering that I edit a lot less than I used to, and forking out Creative Cloud subscription fees month after month is starting to seem like a waste of money. For that reason, I’m definitely thinking about adopting Resolve as my primary editing tool. And in order to learn it and see if it will meet my needs, I’ve taken to YouTube to find the best tutorials.

Even though the beta has only been out for a few weeks at this point, there are already some damn good tutorials showcasing both the editing and color correction prowess of the software. First up is an in-depth look at Resolve 12’s editing interface from Dave Andrade over at the Post Color Blog:

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