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By PremiumBeat

Sharpen your video and filmmaking skills with PremiumBeat‘s curated guide.
101 sections. 8 chapters. Almost 300 pages of pre and post-production tips,
gear insights, audio/video editing techniques, cinematography tricks and more.

Premiumbeats is giving away a FREE moviemaking eBook! It’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in breaking into the film and video industry. Here’s how to get it…

Navigate the landscape of modern filmmaking like a pro with 101 Filmmaking Tips & Tricks, a curated guide to working in film and video, courtesy of PremiumBeat! 101 articles. Eight chapters. Almost 300 pages loaded with pre and post-production tips, gear insights, audio/video editing techniques and more.

Filmmaking Book Table of Contents

101 Filmmaking Tips & Tricks is loaded with actionable, easy-to-understand content that will set you up for success the next time you launch a production. Learn the secrets of cinematography, add some motion graphics tricks to your arsenal, and find valuable distribution advice. It’s all here. And it’s all free.

Inside the Filmmaking Book

Learn which cameras, lenses, microphones, and lights work best for any situation — and learn how to use them. Discover DIY hacks and how-to tips that will keep you under budget. From After Effects to Zoom audio recorders, find out which programs and gear will help you best capture your vision. The many facets of modern filmmaking are explained in 101 Filmmaking Tips and Tricks, a collection of real-world film knowledge written by industry experts and insiders.

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101 Filmmaking Tips and Tricks is totally free!