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Slow motion footage looks beautiful when shot properly, but making any of these five common mistakes while shooting can completely ruin your final product.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Slow Motion - Overcranking

Practically every filmmaker has dabbled in slow motion cinematography to some extent, often on commercial or music video shoots that call for a highly stylized look. The slow motion trend has only increased in recent years as the demand for overcranked footage has gone up, and more cameras than ever now have slow-mo capabilities.

Unfortunately, capturing perfect slow motion footage takes a lot more effort than just changing your frame rate in camera. So if you’re considering shooting slow motion on your next project and don’t yet have much experience in this area, be very careful not to make any of the common mistakes listed below.  And click here for more detail on each via Premium Beat…

1. Failing to Adjust Shutter Speed

2. Not Bringing Enough Light

3. Light Flicker

4. Overcranking Too Much

5. Overusing Slow Motion in the Edit

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Slow Motion - Failing to Adjust the Shutter Speed