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by Dan Bernard, WaveBrigade



Mixing Dialogue And Music In Your Project Shouldn’t Be That Hard…

Getting a beautiful, harmonious blend of dialogue and music shouldn’t require pulling your hair out by it’s roots and cleaning blood off of the floor, yet, we’ve heard some pretty horrific mixes in my time as a media professional and, after hearing it, the hair pulling and blood doesn’t sound half bad…

Most people spend hours meticulously automating every clip in the project, resulting in a LOT of wasted time. Others figure “I’ll just cut out all the work.” and skip right past the processing phase, and go straight to the mixing phase, which, unfortunately, ends up in a muddy mess.

What we all want is nice, crisp dialogue and a balanced music track that really adds to the emotion of what the dialogue is communicating.

In Dan Bernard‘s latest tutorial, he’s outlined 3 easy steps that will help any post production audio specialist marry both dialogue and music together in sonic matrimony. Check out the video below…