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Free LUTs

Because you are curious, please find below three free LUTs for you.
There are all profiled for standard image profile (Rec.709) and LOG.

Free LUT n°8700

The 8700 is a teal-orange look (or blue-orange) with slightly higher contrasts. It’s perfect to give a quick exotic cine look to your image.

Download free LUT

ZIP 5MB (15MB uncompressed)

Free LUT « Aspen »

This look is inspired from Kodak vivid films like the Ektar 100 and the cinema film Vision 2383. Atmosphere will turn to dark cyan/juniper.

Download « Aspen »

ZIP 11MB (21MB uncompressed)

Free LUT « Sedona »

This LUT is inspired by the Lomography CN 100 35mm. I added a hot touch to create a heavy sunset atmosphere. Skintones are warmer but natural.

Download « Sedona »

ZIP 11MB (35MB uncompressed)

Free 4K film grain

This grain is based on scans of 35mm film with digital post-processing.

In the ZIP archive, you’ll find a video of 10 seconds duration.
Video is in 4K encoded in Apple ProRes 422 @ 25fps with neutral gray background.

Very easy to use with all video editing applications supporting layer blending modes.
Add the film grain video as a new layer over your footage and apply « Overlay » blending mode.

Layer blending modes in Adobe After Effects: https://youtu.be/HAKbAbrDt8A
Layer blending modes in Final Cut Pro: https://youtu.be/WE6fwGc2b90

Below, some samples at 100% crop.

Download free film grain  (ZIP 600MB)