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by spherico.de

https://i0.wp.com/www.spherico.de/filmtools/TitleExchange/Resources/index3.gifTitleExchange Pro is a unique tool which makes complicated things both simple and fast when juggling with subtitles in collaborative environments.

It started as a basic tool for Apple’s Final Cut Pro about 10 years ago it is probably one of the most advanced tools available for the Apple Final Cut Pro (legacy) platform to interchange subtitle information. Using it with Apple’s legacy Final Cut Pro could make this NLE the most flexible editing out dated software package in the world when it comes to subtitles.

But times change. TitleExchange Pro now does support a lot of other NLEs, authoring applications and “playback” platforms.

While Apple’s Final Cut Pro X initial release there only were some limited options using XML and Motion templates. With the major update to 10.1 Apple did fix and enhanced a lot of title handling and XML things. So now it allows to have a nearly “full flavored” handling of subtitles.

Other NLEs like Avid’s Media Composer allow a nice handling of subtitles as well, using TitleExchange will make the build in options of Media Composer even more flexible.

With Adobe’s Premiere Pro you can create titles or subtitles, but(Read More and Download)

Image result for Title Exchange ProWhat people are saying about the TitleExchange Tools

“…thank you for your hard work on these tools in Title Exchange!”

“Thanks again for the help! Your program really is a lifesaver, no idea how I would have been able to so international localizations for the latest “Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire” trailer while receiving random subtitle files from 16 different countries without it.”