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By Tony Gomez

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Every filmmaker is different no matter how much experience they have or don’t have. However, every filmmaker could always use some help being better prepared and making their shots more effective. Here are 6 cheap add-ons to your production gear before your next shoot:

 1. Have a Mini Camera Tripod


Last month, Brian and I had to produce a Kickstarter video at an ice rink in Logan, Utah. We needed to attach a GoPro to a disk that was going to slide across the ice and smack into more disks. Unfortunately, our GoPro suction cup mount wasn’t going to work because the disk had a handle at the top. We ended up using our Pedco mini tripod as a mount.  This tripod is light and small and has a velcro strap attached to it.  really easy to strap it to anything, like a handle, or even a light stand or railing.

Initially, I was skeptical about how the shot was going to look, but afterwards I was impressed with the end result. Watch the footage in the GiF down below and make sure to check out the SlyDysk Kickstarter page.


As a side tip, getting a cell phone tripod adaptor can make the B-camera you need. Mobile phone cameras are improving with each new model so don’t feel anxious about not being able to afford the new Canon or Nikon DSLR.

Sometimes in filmmaking we need to find new ways to make every shot work. So go and make it work!

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