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by RocketStock

https://yt3.ggpht.com/-F5IhmbOA2y8/V3VNqzdm9AI/AAAAAAAAAEs/uNlddVus_y8cCt0q__xnNBAQBDEDjbycACL8B/w2120-fcrop64=1,00005a57ffffa5a8-nd-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no/rs-yt.jpgThere are few VFX shots as endearing or revolutionary as the lightspeed jump from the original Star Wars movie. While the original VFX artists used practical effects to create the lightspeed jump, there are tools now to create a similar jump at home.

Star Wars Lightspeed Jump Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorialRocketStock is going to create a Star-Wars-inspired lightspeed jump using only native plugins and effects.

More on this article as well as free download files can be found here by Caleb Ward and RocketStock.