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By: Paul MacFarlane

Talent Zoo

This is a message for ad agencies, marketing firms, consultants, freelancers, and everyone who buys or sells a service.

Hmmm. That means you and me.

Almost always, a freelancer or consultant is asked what their “hourly rate” is.

Even smaller firms are routinely asked this question by their clients.

You might even be told what you can be paid, based on a presented hourly rate, as an offer to accept or reject.

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Now wait. Hang on.

I realize well that certain tasks are rather mechanical and thereby can be justifiably calculated on time, where intuition, imagination, and artistry are not as obviously present. You who do this kind of labor, though valuable, may be graciously exempted from this following argument if you choose.

Now, I’m not the first nor the last to bemoan how bad our industry is at charging for our services and therefore establishing a tangible value for our work.

But it’s always the perfect time to join together to try to change this.

The problem with “hourly rates” are numerable but here are the big ones…