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by K. Bayquoi

These transitions were developed and tested in Motion 5.3 for use as a plugin in Final Cut Pro X 10.3. (It has not been tested in earlier versions of FCPX)
[Link to download these transitions.]

15 Sliding Transitions
1. 4 Corner Camera Fold In – set the camera distance it travels inward, set background color, set speed Type*.
2. 4 Corner Fold UP
3. 4 Corner Horizontal Fold In
4. 4 Corner Vertical Fold IN
5. Diagonal L to R Replicator – Set line color, line width,speed type*,start and end point, amount of lines and offset
6. Diagonal Left To Right – set line color(or no line), line width and speed type*.
7. Diagonal Right to Left – set line width, line color, number of lines, and line spacing
8. Diagonal Split – set speed type*
9. Double Diagonal – set background color and the speed type*
10. Quarter Pieces – set speed type*
11. Quarter Squares – set speed type*
12. Slide LEFT in Stop-oscillate – set line width(or no line), line color, Line Stop Point(1/3 across, 1.2 across, 2/3s across) set oscillate line on/off
13. Slide Left-Right Sparks,Flare – set line color, line width, speed type*, lens flare on/off, flare size, flare Intensity, sparks on/off
14. Slide Right in Stop-Oscillate – set line stop Point(1/3 across, ½ across, 2.3s across, set line width(or no line), line color, line Oscillate on/off
15. Slide Right-Left Sparks,Flare – set line color, width(or no line), speed type*, Lens Flare on/off, flare size, flare Intensity, sparks on/off
* speed type=ease in, ease out, ease both, Accelerate, Decelerate