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by 4Vector

If you haven’t heard, duotone is the combination of two color tones on an image. Two highly contrasting colors are often used to bring out the vibrant and striking nature in these images, which helps to visually engage viewers. Goodbye to black-and-white for now!

For designers who are new in the field, it might be difficult to get the right color and contrast as depicted by Spotify. Hence, to make everyone’s lives easier, we have compiled 5 of the best free Duotone Photoshop Actions that allows you to apply the two tone magic to any images with a single click!

In addition, we’ve also came across a few free icon sets that are beautifully crafted with two color tones. These awesome icon sets would be a great complement if you are using a primary color and an accent color in your iOS / Android / Web design.

To get these free items, first refer to the image above for the item that you like, then click on the link below to be directed to their download page.


  1. 10 Awesome & Outstanding Trendy Duotone Photo Effect Actions
  2. Duotone Photoshop Actions Version 1
  3. Duotone Photoshop Actions Vol. 2
  4. bichromie – Duo Tone Photoshop Action
  5. Duo-Red Photoshop Action
  6. Free Stroke Icon Set
  7. Finance Icons Freebies
  8. Free Food Icons
  9. Icon World Part 01
  10. Bikini 60s Duo Color Icons

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