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The internet is full of awful voice recordings. That may sound harsh, but it’s very true.

Now that pretty much every device includes some kind of microphone, it’s easy to be lazy and neglect this critical element of recording equipment.

To produce good content, high quality audio is key. To achieve high quality audio, you need to use a dedicated microphone.

Of course, there are many elements to making a high quality voice recording, not just the microphone. But this is perhaps the easiest element for us to control and improve.

Other elements such as recording technique, EQ and compression are vital for manipulating the sound that the microphone captures. You can’t completely change the sound with these other things, only improve it.

The character and tone of a voice recording is decided by the choice of microphone—ensure you get it right.

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You may be aware that there are different types of microphone. I won’t go in to the finer details of how they work, and I won’t discuss the boring stuff. What I will do is tell you what you need to know:

  • Dynamic microphones are great for getting warm sounding voice recordings.
  • Condenser microphones are great for getting clear and natural sounding voice recordings.

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