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by VidProMom



One of the first things I do when edit my GoPro videos is I browse for GoPro Music ideas. I ask myself how I want my video to feel, what “vibe” I want it to have, and stuff like that. Sometimes finding background music can take forever though! In this post, I put together some of my favorite GoPro background music tunes for Summer. Bookmark this post so you can come back to it! I’ll update it as I find more free GoPro music and paid GoPro music. Deal? This post contains affiliate links.

Let’s start with free background music, shall we?

Free GoPro Music

If you’ve read my post on background music, you know that Incompetech is my favorite place to get free GoPro music. Here are links to some of my recent favorites for summer!

  • Tech Live is pretty cool, a little funky, but still laid back (free)
  • Sunday Dub is another laid back groovy sound (free)
  • Surf Shimmy is pretty rad… and sounds exactly like you think it should (free)
  • Laser Groove is another cool one (free)




If you’re not sure what steps you need to take when you use Incompetech’s free background music, be sure to read up on my post about using royalty-free background music here. [More Here]

VidProMom has a slew of other useful GoPro information and freebies on her website, here.

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