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by Kassie and Joe, theflyawaylife.com

There are so many features that just make it more convenient to use a GoPro: its small and compact, its waterproof, and its design makes it easy to take great GoPro photos when traveling solo. Best of all, it manages to have all those perks while still maintaining amazing image quality! 


Use Time Lapse Mode-

I’m a big fan of taking multiple photos of what I’m trying to capture and thankfully the GoPro has this option already programed! There are so many instances where you should use time lapse:

  • When asking others to take a photo of you-  Usually, when you give your camera to other people, you end up with terrible shots. Time lapse mode can help with that! Simply, put the GoPro in time lapse mode and then show them how you want the shot set up. This way you can change up your pose and get several different photos.
  • When taking a selfie- Put the GoPro in time lapse and change your angle just a bit. Since the GoPro is so wide lensed, tilting the camera just a little bit can change the whole photo. Just be sure to move slowly or you will end up with a bunch of blurry shots.
  • Sunsets & Sunrises- This one is sort of self explanatory but I have gotten some beautiful sunset shots using my GoPro. Just be mindful that the GoPro doesn’t shoot to well in low light settings to choose your timing wisely.
  • When driving- If you invest in a good car GoPro mount, you can take some amazing scenery shots using the time lapse setting. I also took some fun time lapse photos cruising around as a passenger on the back of our motorbike in Southeast Asia using my GoPole.

These GoPro tips will help you take amazing GoPro photos on your next vacation! This guide has all the GoPro mounts and accessories you need to become a pro GoPro photographer!